WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting?


WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting?

Does anyone have any real-world experience with these 2 hosts? I’ve had DigitalOcean for years, been with WP Engine for 2 years, and I’ve tried all sorts of VPS based hosts throughout the past 10 years or so.

WP Engine does really well—their support is great, but more importantly, sites load super quick. My favorite feature by far is the staging/production environments. This is a must-have, and it’d be nice if I could set this up with InMotion Hosting (or another host if someone has a better recommendation).

The reason I mention InMotion is because my cousin just got a job there and he’s recommending it over WPE (for obvious reasons ;)). But I’d also like a host where I can stick 10+ client sites on it without paying as much as WPE charges.

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    I’ve been with Inmotion Hosting for a few years. My experience has been great. Customer support had always been fast and thorough for me.InMotion is fair, reliable, honest and affordable. And most of all if you choose the VPS hosting, you will get a site as fast as WPEngine without their caching and strict policy. There’s no staging environment with InMotion. you won’t find a lot of people talking about Inmotion nor promotional stuffs. It is one of the oldest hosting provider and the most reliable. They don’t need to say it loud like others. It is not that “popular” compare to WP Engine or SiteGround, but believe me….they’re excellent in customer support and honest.
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    On a somewhat related note, then, anyone have suggestions for a proper staging/production environment? i’ve used several solutions in the past, but nothing’s come close to the simplicity of WP Engine. that’s really one of the ONLY things keeping me there.

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    I’m with SiteGround and have no issue, their support is good. I have a VPS with several multisites and client sites. However, I’m considering to move to Cloudways on DigitalOcean as the prices have dropped and for the same amount of cores/RAM/Storage it becomes almost half price of SiteGround.

    Siteground gets thrown around a lot but it’s noobish. The best is Kinsta which I’d highly recommend but if you want cheaper and not top tier then Cloudways is better than siteground. Flywheel and WP engine are slightly better than siteground but too expensive. For that price Kinsta is far better choice. I’ve heard a lot about A2 but don’t know anything about them.

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