Why Teachable Is Better Than Thinkific? Teachable Vs Thinkific?


Teachable Vs Thinkific? Why Teachable Is Better Than Thinkific?
Hello all… I am new to Teachable and I would love to know why Teachable is better than Thinkific. They have a large “feature comparison” in their site (of course, they claim they are much better) but It´s like I want to know Teachable´s comparison (or, for which reasons you prefer this platform over the other).

Until now, I only have launched an online course in Udemy. Tempted to move to Skillshare when I found Teachable… I want to know (and feel) this is the end of my journey about the course platform.

Else should i use self hosted LMS platform Using WordPress LMS Plugin?

Why Teachable Is Better Than Thinkific - Teachable Vs Thinkific

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    One great think I love from Teachable is that I can have two schools. You am publishing content in english and other language , so it´s great to have like one view set up in spanish with only spanish content, and the other one in english. You can´t do it in Thinkific.

    Without getting into all the minute details, I can say two things that I appreciate about Teachable over Thinkific:

    1. With Thinkific, it’s more difficult to have, for instance, a video, some text, a download, and other elements on the same lesson page.Support told me the best solution was to create a “downloads and transcripts” lesson before each relevant video lesson. Stuff like that. I want all of my lesson specific pieces of content to be on the same page. With Teachable, I can.
    2. I appreciate that Teachable has an affiliate program *with payouts* as opposed to merely payout reporting.

    That said, I have nothing but good things to say about Thinkific support, etc. They have always been kind and done what they can to help me. Like most things, it’s a personal preference that will depend on an individual’s needs.  This also answered Thinkific Vs teachable: Which Is Best For Online Courses?


    Menna, the decision whether to go with a hosted solution such as Teachable and Thinkific, or even Clickfunnels vs. WordPress boils down, in my mind, to whether or not you have experience with WordPress or have the resources to have someone handle that for you. If you do, I think WordPress is far more flexible and let’s you do things your way. That said, hosted solutions can let you focus on course content without worrying about the technology very much. I like Teachable a lot and recommend it highly, but, in my case, I wanted the ability to put it all together my own way.


    I’ve not used Thinkific as a creator, but I recently took a course on the Thinkific platform and was underwhelmed by the student experience.

    But, here’s the thing… I doubt either will cause you to win or lose customers. That’s all down to you and how you use the platform. So, I recommend you test them both on the free level and go with the one you like.


    I’ve created the same course with both platforms. I’m in the minority in that I way prefer Teachable. I find it far more user friendly and I find the course itself looks way nicer on the Teachable platform than Thinkific. I really don’t like the way the curriculum and player display on Thinkific.


    Thinkific and Teachable have hosted services, meaning they are done for you, no setup and configurations. Just build your courses and start selling. However, most of them have different pricing tiers. Meaning for more functionality, you must pay more per month.

    WordPress Plugins like LifterLMS and other similar products are built on WordPress. They are essentially plugins that allow you to link them together to build your own hosted LMS solution. With that said, there are some technical aspects to using these setups that require some level of technical skill.

    Also, with using things like LifterLMS, you have a lot of moving parts that mostly you have to manage. You have WordPress, the LMS core plugin, the additions (Extensions) to it, and many other plugins that could extend the functionality. That said, you have to pay for your own website hosting, Pay for the plugins, Pay for support (in some cases) and hope and pray that when an update from any plugin rolls out that it will not affect the other plugins. Good backups are key, staging areas are a bonus.

    A lot of people decide to go with a hosted solution, like Teachable or Thinkific, etc due to their lack of technical knowledge. The downside to that is that you have limited control over your website/platform. With a DIY method of using LifterLMS or LearnDash, WP-Courseware etc, you have better control over your site/content/design etc.

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