Where can I hire a WordPress web site developer?


Looking to hire a WordPress VA (virtual assistant). I have several landing pages that need very minor updates per week (updating webinar hours, email addresses, etc). It’s a WordPress landing page that I’ve built for a client and it will come with a small detailed checklist on what to update on a per week basis.

This is a long term project for the right person.

Looking for someone trustworthy, with a web background (nothing crazy, the tasks aren’t hard but you need to be familiar with WordPress), and who can speak and understand fluent English.

From Where Can I Hire A Good WordPress Developer?

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    I’ve Had Good Experiences With Fiverr Pro It’s Basically A Collective Or Agency For Independent Developers & Designers. You Can Hire Directly Or You Post A Job, And Those Who Are Qualified Respond With Questions And Estimates. Unlike A Jobs Board Like You’d Find Here, Fiverr Vets Their Experts, And Manages The Payment. The Developer Gets Paid When You’re Satisfied The Job Is Completed. If There Are Issues, Fiverr Support Team Is Very Responsive To Helps You Get Them Resolved.

    Fiverr Pro Designer And Developers Skills Are Verified By Different Exams Of Fiverr. It’s A Long Way To Get Verified In Fiverr. If You Want Quality Work Then Go For Fiverr Pro. Here Are Some Tips. Remember To Spend Some Time To Read The Description And Different Packages Before Hiring. As The Pro Freelancers Are Verified With Their Skills You Can Hire Them Without Worry, Just You Need To Agree On Pricing.


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