What is the best WordPress page builder?


What WordPress page builder so you all like best? I have been leaning towards Divi Visual Builder as one up front cost is then unlimited websites and updates.

The thing is I don’t 100% know what cool features I might like to use and in doing some reading there was a warning if you ever remove it or change to another page builder all your changes convert to gobbledegook shortcode. I think Elementor Page Builder doesn’t? But that is an annual fee for the Pro version which isn’t too bad if you love it. I am just trying to gauge the best path to go down because right now I don’t know what I will like and find easier to use – any preference of feedback?

My theme came with a page builder that has now been updated to WPBakery but they are now expecting me to pay for a brand new license to just upgrade despite it already being installed on my website. I am looking for something else just on principal but maybe it is worth considering too.

Best WordPress Page Builder

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  1. Elementor Page Builder, Visual Composer, Fusion Builder, Beaver Builder Plugin, Themify Builder, Siteorigin Page Builder, Divi Visual Builder.

    Elementor Is the best page builder because it free version gives 28 widgets and its easy to use and quicker then any other because of drag and drop function.

    Oxygen Builder also new boy around.


    For best speed, Elementor will be good choice. Also Elementor have some really awesome feature as well. by the way, whatever page builder you choose, after developing the site you have to optimize your website for best result.
    Elementor Page Builder would be the best choice for any kind of page design and fast loading pages. I use Elementor for all my projects. And my second preference is Brizy Page Builder

  2. Elementor has some issues still with backgrounds set to Cover mode on iPads and possibly other tablets. They fixed the issue on iPhones however. It is easily the fastest builder I have used, but Beaver Builder has a few nice features for the same price that Elementor does not have such as slideshow background sections and a free basic theme that is really nice. Live Composer would be the slowest of the three. But it is very full featured and has a lot of really great text features including on-page editing, and is completely free. Beaver Builder and Elementor are about $200 US for truly fully featured versions that require a new update fee every year for unlimited sites. Those have been my three go-to page builders personally.

  3. I have Divi, but so far have only built my site with it. I have used Elementor free for a couple of sites, just the free version. I too wish Elementor had a lifetime, I think I would do it and dump Divi. I do like Divi though, but have not had a chance to try Elementor Pro yet.

    • Hi! I’m also looking at which one to use. Marsha, can I ask why you would dump Divi and go Elementor even though you like Divi?

      • So far I have found Elementor to be a bit easier to use. One issue I have found hard though is Elementor free does not have a good Header/Footer option. I like Elementor if I am building a site for someone that is no as tech savvy, so I can hand it off and they can manage it. I like Divi for my site though, and I would use it for more complex projects maybe. I am only on the year of Divi to start with, before going lifetime.

  4. I have heard many good things about both Divi Visual Builder and Elementor Page Builder. I personally use beaver builder on one site I manage but for the most part I just build templates in my code editor. I’m going to be experimenting with both soon as this is the way it’s going. I definitely am not a fan of Gutenberg so far.

  5. Ultimately, there is no “best” as best is really whatever works best for you and that you like working with. It should also have the components you need for your build. Beaver Builder and Elementor are arguably the most popular and supported.

  6. Bit of a sideways answer, but you might take a look at genesis customizer from the good folks at SEOThemes. Some of their base themes with the customizer tie in nicely with two common page builders (Elementor and Beaver)

  7. I don’t know which is best page builder (still a newbie) but I use and recommend Elementor Pro and Thrive Architect and in next project I will take a look at Beaver Builder. Thrive Architect mainly use to create landing pages and lead gens. I am Thrive member and looking forward to learning the rest of the tools too.

  8. If you are using Divi Visual Builder this is a great learning video. Step by step. It really helped me learn. He does a quick overview and then the actual learning how to set up and everything starts at about a minute 10 seconds https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KLonYvIaWug

  9. I use Thrive Architect, the lifetime is $67. They have wonderful YouTube tutorials and I find the builder itself very intuitive to use. Good luck!

  10. I’ve been using Divi since I started, it’s very good and loved but I changed to this easier and more user friendly just few days ago. I didn’t get through with AdSense and was told its because of my complicated theme. That was why I changed it

  11. I’ve tried Beaver Builder and Elementor and found the user interface on Beaver Builder much more intuitive and easy to use.

    The extra features that Elementor has can be expanded on BB using addons.

    You can also turn off modules you don’t use on BB so they don’t take up site resources and reduce the amount of modules you see when developing.

  12. I went with Divi Visual Builder about 3 weeks ago, mainly because I am not tech savvy! There is a learning curve, but the tutorials and online help are great. I find it quite intuitive, but early days. My main difficulty has been organising my existing content using Divi, but I think it will be much more straightforward when using it to create new content.

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