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  1. To Me WP Rocket Is The Best WordPress Cache Plugin And Here’s Why:

    Why WP Rocket Is The Best WordPress Cache Plugin
    WP Rocket Is Not The Only WordPress Caching Plugin In The Market, But It Is The Best WordPress Cache Plugin Till Now. As Of Now Lots Of Other WordPress Cache Plugin Competing The Market But What WP Rocket Is Best Because Of It’s Simplicity Of Use And An Ultimate Solution For Caching. It Offers Gzip Compression Then Others, Although You Can Add Couple Of Lines Code To Your htaccess File To Enable GZIP Compression.  Browser Caching, Page Caching, Cache Preloading Are Some Important Feature Of WP-Rocket. WP Rocket Also Offer  Database Optimization Automatically After A Period Of Time Or You Can Do Manually As Well. Another Feature WP Rocket Has Over Others Is Google Fonts Optimization Which Means Less HTTP Request And More Speed. If You Are Having “Remove Query Strings From Static Resources” On Gtmatrix And Pingdom WP-Rocket Has Only A Button To Check To Solve This. Images Are Burden For A Website But WP Rocket Offer Lazy Loading For Images Which Will Significantly Increase Your Website Speed. WP Rocket Also Offer Minification And Concatenation Of HTML CSS And JavaScript Files. Defer Parsing Of JavaScript Properly Is Another Great Feature From WP Rocket Which Will Load JavaScript Files After The End Of The Rendering Of The Page Hence The Loading Time Of WordPress Website Will More Faster Then Previous. WP Rocket Is Compatible With Cloudflare CDN And Others CDNS Also Like MaxCDN. So You Can Manage Cloudflare Cache And Get More Performance Without Leaving WordPress Dashboard. WP Rocket Is WordPress Multisite Compatible, Ecommerce Friendly Which  Ensure It Will Not Cache The Cart & Checkout Pages Of Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, Jigoshop.  WP Rocket Is Compatible With Best Multilingual Plugins Such As Wpml, Polylang. You Can Also Import Export Settings Of WP Rocket.

    When You Install WP Rocket It Will Works Automatically For The Basic WordPress Caching And The Advance Option Which Has Greater Impact On Site Designs You Can Activate By Checking Some Simple Checkbox. Always Check The Website If It Is Breaking Any Style After Changing Any Settings. You Can Hire A WordPress Expert From Gere For A Smooth Setup Of WP Rocket.

    WP Rocket Website

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    LiteSpeed Cache if using LITESPEED WEB SERVER. Free, user friendly interface and almost same options as WP-Rocket. If not using LiteSpeed, then WP-Rocket.
    Also, if your website is not changing a lot, use CLOUDFLARE and activate Cache Everything Page Rule (your website will be super fast).

  2. WPFC + Autoptimize is a great combo. AO is adding loads of extra features in the upcoming update. I usually starts with no caching kind plugins…run a test…und the server & follow the Waterfall. Take a look at Comet Cache one of the less talked but most efficient caching solution. Use the free version & manually add directives for leveraging browser cache via htaccess.

    I also use Fast Velocity Minify and WP Rocket (but it is a premium plugin ) with the free version of Cloudflare. Great results on GT Metrix. I have given up on Google Pagespeed. . I do have to temporarily disable FVM to work in Elementor. I tried WP Cache, but it returned poor scores and headaches. Finding the right recipe ingredients is trial and error.

    WP Rocket is very Standard Caching plugin. W3 has endless Setting and Can be really good with Special Caches and Server Settings. I tested w3 total, wp rocket, wp fastest, wp super chache, and few other, but every time w3 fastest+autoptimize was the best, now with any theme, wp rocket seams to be a litle faster… on the same hosting siteground + maxcdn

  3. WP Rocket is good for paid. WP Fastest Cache is my current favorite free and with a couple other free plugins you get the same speed as WP Rocket. Also just found WP Roids which from others testing, it looks even faster that Fastest Cache. Worth a look.

  4. WP Rocket and Autoptimize  maximized my results. Only a proper CDN would give me better results, otherwise it’s maxed to top. And use HTTP/2. Running on a 40 EUR / month Hetzner dedicated server + Serverpilot.
    wp rocket and autoptimize

  5. WP Rocket for Standard Caching. W3 Total Cache has endless Setting and Can be really good with Special Caches and Server Settings. If it would have a Preload Bot, i would use it. But until the time is coming, i go with WP Rocket.

  6. WP Rocket! Worked better than anything else I’ve ever used. I used to use W3 and also WP Fastest Cache. But ultimately it does boil down to what plugins and other overhead you have on the site.
    WP Rocket Is The Best WordPress Cache Plugin

  7. The only one that works for me is WP-Rocket, usually i use fastest cache because… Yet for some reasons using fastest cache and any other plugin gives me the “continue to content” link instead of a cached version.

    Odd but maybe the devs community recognizes this issue and can provide a solution?


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    WP-Rocket all the way. Well worth the price tag of $39 and it is currently on 400 thousand sites.

    Benefits of WP-Rocket vs OpCache or WP Super Cache:

    WP Rocket is lot faster than WP Super Cache, and with proper optimization, your site will load much faster than with WP Super Cache. My results from changing from super cache to WP Rocket, I found one of my clients page speed went from 8.4 seconds to 2.1 seconds. also WP-ROCKET is extremely simple to set up.


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