Siteground VS Flywheel?


SiteGround VS FlyWheel?

Hi guys, I have been building my web design business gradually over the last few months and I want to make sure I’m getting the most out of the reseller hosting aspect of my business. I currently use Flywheel, which is awesome and I love it, however it seems to be more expensive than SiteGround and I can’t figure out why. Is there any reason why I should stay with Flywheel over Siteground? Siteground also offers a domain-purchasing service as well as a cPanel email service, which Flywheel doesn’t do.

Does anyone have any experience with reselling hosting through both Flywheel and Siteground? If so, should I switch to Siteground? Could anyone using Siteground give me an idea of why I should use it and why it’s better for me and my clients?

Siteground VS Flywheel


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    Used both, wouldn’t recommend either.

    You could likely run your ten sites on a single VPS that costs no more than $20/month from Linode, Vultr, or DigitalOcean. Then use ServerPilot Biz edition (an extra $10/month) for basic stats and built in SSL. As fast and as stable as anything you’ll see from anyone else out there, “managed” or otherwise. I use the quotes there because, in my opinion, almost all managed WP is actually self-managed. Just break something and see if support will fix it for you or if they will direct you to an FAQ or article somewhere. Same with DNS issues, email, controlling your own backups… etc etc etc.

    Save your money, get ServerPilot and any of those three VPS providers. I’ve simulated 5000 concurrent visitors (which pegs out to millions of daily visitors) on $10 Linodes and they never skip a beat. Certainly ample for almost ten websites in the world.

  1. Look into Pressable which provide Managed WordPress Hosting
    I have been using them for like 2 years now and have about 30 sites with them. Less than $5 a month per site.
    Super fast Cloud hosting. Great support. I’m happy!


    I had 100 installs on WPEngine for a long time and was sick of the downtime. lack of communication and lazy techs. Switched to Flywheel about 2 years ago. Never looked back. Love Flywheel.

  2. FlyWheel only offers web hosting. No email, DNS, etc. So if you’re using a host that currently bundles those services and has cPanel or another interface to manage everything in one place, you’ll need to realize the change will not be as uniform.

    That said, I’m more and more of the view that bundled services is really not the best way to go. From a performance standpoint, dedicated web hosts usually are better.

  3. I love flywheel! Their customer service and support are the best. I can notice the difference in speed. Local by Flywheel saves me time when designing a site.

    I had the worst experience with SiteGround. I was having issues with one of my websites. SiteGround wouldn’t migrate my site because it seems to have a malware issue (although I had scanned and there was nothing there). Many hours with their support fixed nothing (canned responses, dismissive, and just clueless). I canceled after a couple of months and they didn’t even gave me a prorated return for the entire year I had paid (as other hosting providers do). I migrated to flywheel, they fixed the issue immediately. I was having lots of force brute attacks and since being in flywheel none. I wouldn’t trust siteground to refer my clients, let alone do a reseller program.

  4. Personally, I think Flywheel charges a lot because they believe in their system. Their system is more limited than others, because they believe in it. It works great from some, not for others. I personally wouldn’t choose them because I feel capable of handling a lot of things they handle. Some people don’t, and feel very happy going with Flywheel.

  5. One thing that Flywheel does NOT allow is non-Wordpress files like ordinary HTML files. This was a big “nope” for me when I was looking at Siteground vs Flywheel. Siteground happily allows regular html files and such. Flywheel (as well as WPEngine and Kinsta) does automatic scanning to prohibit non-Wordpress files and they also prohibit certain plugins. When I asked the same questions to SiteGround, they were a lot more chill about things and they don’t prohibit things like Flywheel does.

  6. If you don’t know anything about hosting and don’t want to learn, I’d recommend Cloudways. If you do, I’d recommend just setting up your own VPS.

  7. I’m with DreamHost on their unlimited share plan we all know it’s not really unlimited but I haven’t had any problems with it. I pay 120 per year if they use my affiliate link I make $50 per sign up and they save $50. If I want to resell space on my own I can do that for whatever price I want to sell it for. I can give them their own login to the hosting FTP site whatever they need.

    Some people don’t like it because it does not have a cPanel but it works just fine for me.

    To move sites around I use ManageWP.

  8. I heard Siteground can almost double in price on that second year, auto renewal. A few people have been caught not paying attention and got hit with that new bill. But otherwise, I’ve heard nothing but great things about their hosting and support. Maybe that second year price is worth is. I don’t hear about a lot of people leaving them because of cost.

  9. I used to host my sites on site ground, with the biggest plan. Was happy simple everything was working. Excellent I didn’t want to pay 200£ for a renewal. In total I earned about 300£ from referrals so that’s fine.

    Now I’m using a cheap vps from 1and1 Ionos and I love it.
    But for clients it’s worth it, haven’t played a lot with FlyWheel but heard good things about it at least for WordPress Hosting.

  10. From my understanding, siteground’s reseller hosting only provides the most basic plan. So it’s not really ideal for websites with a significant amt of traffic.

    I think people tend to use Siteground Cloud Hosting to resell hosting services for their clients. Not too sure about their GoGeek plan though, seems like you can host multiple websites and have a decent diskspace but you are limited to one cPanel only which isn’t ideal for security.

    I’m also looking to move from my existing hosting provider so i’ll be looking out for what others think about SG/Flywheel

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