Siteground Managed WordPress Vs Godaddy Managed WordPress?


Yes, this is a WordPress question, bear with me. I use GoDaddy. There, I’ve said it. Having used them for 12 years on ASP hosting, I moved my ASP stuff to A2Hosting because GoDaddy is too slow and limited, even though I love phone support.

A2Hosting is fairly responsive via email (8-12 hours), but too expensive for the premium site I need to control batches. Now that I’m moving into WP, I need a new solution away from managed GD (my current dev). I hear good stuff on SiteGround. Comments on your personal experience with SiteGround and Cloudways re: support/speed would be appreciated.

Siteground Managed WordPress Vs Godaddy Managed WordPress

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  1. I have used both before and SiteGround is better. SiteGround blows GoDaddy hosting away. Cloudways is better than all of them. Cloudways which is a managed Cloud platform. You can launch multiple websites on single server and you will only be charged for the server. No issues. Easy management. No cPanel bloated resource hog. Plain VPS and pure speed. I personally love CloudWays though and have been with them for years. My sites saw a drastic speed increase moving from GoDaddy to SiteGround.

    I have all my domains at GoDaddy, but will NEVER use their hosting. IF you make the move to SiteGround, just make sure you can afford to buy the full 3 years up front, so you get the discount for the longest period possible. Because, the renewal price is high like any hosting co. I am a huge fan of the SiteGround GoGeek plan, because you get rocket fast shared hosting for a great price with the new account discount, and migrating up to their VPS from the SiteGround GoGeek account is a 1 click upgrade, and DNS update.

    Avoid any hosting company owned by EIG – Example: HostGator used to offer great hosting, and great support, and once they were bought out by EIG, everything went to shit. I had a couple hosting accounts there when it happened.

    When I started doing WordPress, godaddy was the most popular at the time. I thought it was badass. Then I started seeing the difference when I got clients and friends having their site hosted in dedicated servers and vps servers or even reseller hostings. I then decided to move all my clients sites to SiteGround VPS. Although I have VPS services with LiquidWeb also and a couple of droplets in Digital Ocean, I would recommend SiteGround than GoDaddy for so many reasons.
    I also recommend to keep the domain registrar and the hosting separate, much easier to switch that way and maintain control.

  2. I never had a problem with Godaddy but SG has been fantastic and free SSL. Be sure with any hosting account you know what it will cost you after year one. SiteGround is great, but it costs more after discounts go away. But they do include an SSL certificate free – GoDaddy is $64 the 1 st year , $75 other years. there are otehr pros and cons to both. I always recommend to keep the domain registrar and the hosting separate, much easier to switch that way and maintain control. Use Namesilo, Porkbun, Domaindiscount24, or sign-up for new Cloudflare. For hosting, after 15 years with 1&1 switched to SiteGround and InMotion Hosting 4years ago and never looked back.

  3. I have projects running on all three now.

    A2Hosting is great if you need full-fledged cPanel. Siteground dumped cPanel in favor of their own homegrown dashboard (ultimately, this may be smart on several levels. The least of which is the outrageous price hike recently of cPanel—this cost will inevitably get passed on to clients.) And, GoDaddy limits the number of functions in cPanel. Speed- and performance-wise A2 and Siteground are both really good.

    Siteground’s new dashboard is fairly straightforward and simple to use. I suspect I will eventually run into something it can’t do, but right now, it’s fine.

    I’ve had decent interaction with all three in regard to support. I still have one client on GoDaddy with a super-outdated setup (I can’t seem to convince them to ditch it and upgrade). The chat support has always been pretty spot-on.

    Siteground’s phone support is spotty – guys who think they know the answer. Chat and ticket support it better, but they fix stuff, and I don’t learn how etc – I have learned a lot over the years from discussing problems with Godaddy’s tech folks. I know people love to hate them, but I have had good service at GD since 2009. I have also used other hosts too.

    Yes, stay away from GoDaddy and to add to previously mentioned points, I currently use both SiteGround and cloud ways. CW is not that hard to set up, if you are an absolute novice you can still provably set it up with a few online tutorials and they have one click WP install so really doesn’t get much easier. If you really want “more” user friendly I guess site ground is alright.

  4. – you will not regret going with these guys. I’ve been with WPengine and SiteGround for years and moved all my clients over to WPX. Awesome backups (Siteground backups are a joke) and my sites were faster on WPX Hosting than WPengine and Siteground…yes even with the overpriced cloudflare bs.

    WPX is the only host I know of that offers free malware scanning with REMOVAL. Their live chat support is also amazing. Their CEO will also take the time to respond to your emails.

    I’m not affiliated…just trying to help you out. Don’t go down the SiteGround route.

  5. Siteground if budget is limited: Flywheel or WPengine if not. After having terrible experiences with multiple different web hosts I moved all my sites to Siteground and have been extremely happy with everything. (And I’m super picky about speed because my agency offers performance optimization services to our clients.

    I had actually moved the site to flywheel when I had issues with SG and it worked perfectly with wordfence etc. I sent them a screenshot.
    Considering I was on shared hosting, I now understand that SG doesnt allocate enough resources which makes divi builder not behave properly. So that means I need to get my client to upgrade to a bigger plan which the client doesn’t want to to considering this is just a startup company. He would love to upgrade it in future though. So I will continue to develop on flywheel and just move the site to SG when it’s done.

  6. Every time I have a client that uses GoDaddy, I’m reminded as to why I don’t use GoDaddy.I had an argument with their support about why I needed to upgrade the version of PHP and they were cautioning me against it. As if staying on PHP5 or whatever the hell it was was somehow better.

    I have had godaddy techs tell me to stop using their Managed WordPress servers and go back to their Linux servers with cPanel. I keep thinking that this next month will be the month when I will stop working with clients that want to stay on Godaddy. I spend 2-5 extra hours of time messing with GoDaddy support for clients on them as compared to similar projects on other hosts. I bill for my time, but I despise that level of inefficiency. I would love to save all future clients 2-5 billable hours and save myself the stress and anxiety of contacting godaddy for something that should just work.

  7. I am going to be offering WordPress Optimized hosting via my start up (This is a real service, not just a reseller. I own my own servers) Be careful with Siteground. Their service is generally good but after the first year, that GoGeek plan renews at almost $35 a month with no ability to lower the cost other than to buy a new plan. (This is the main reason I started my service, no insane renewal increases) The service I provide offers caching for great page speed. (LiteSpeed+LiteSpeed Cache) You can use SEO and Security Plugins just like you would with any other host. SiteGround is no different in that case. If you want some help and some more information, I’m an open book.

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