Siteground GoGeek vs InMotion Hosting Pro?


Siteground GoGeek vs InMotion Hosting Pro? Siteground GoGeek ($29.95/month) vs InMotion Pro ($15.99/month)? Which one would you choose and WHY? I am currently on InMotion Hosting Power Plan (have not been using much). Would love to know if the higher SiteGround price is justified and what they have that InMotion does not. (customer support is great for both).

Siteground vs InMotion
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    VPS or reseller account which is better?

    I’ll recommend you start with a reseller package. Most of the companies will help you upgrade to a VPS when needed along with full data migration. Reseller plans are good to start with. Each account can have it’s own control panel and their account can be managed through it by users. A lot of hosting companies offer free support for resellers and their clients. Before you choose any hosting company, you can list the features and support you need to start your own company.

    Siteground VPS

    Don’t use Siteground VPS. First, the company in general is losing its luster over the past year in terms of quality of support and performance of the hosting resource, plus their VPS offerings have terrible price/performance figures. I would never use their VPS again. If you’re doing WordPress sites, I can highly recommend CloudWays on Vultr servers.


    It depends on your target audience as well. If u wish to sell in Malaysia, most likely use Exabytes or Siteground’s Singapore server. If u use InMotion, u may need to consider to use CDN. Coz if your hosting server is at oversea, it take extra time to load. I found Udemy’s The complete WordPress website business course is useful for newbies. You may consider.
    Siteground and InMotion are hosting companies, just like A2 Hosting. They support WordPress, which then you can get either free or premium themes to build your website.
    I personally have had HORRIBLE experiences with InMotion Hosting. And I don’t have fantastic things to say about SG either but there are a lot of people who have had good luck with them. But you really should look at ReviewSignal and do your diligence there. 
    Server location can make a difference depending on your target market location(s) but a quality server will make far more difference. One location issue to take into account is GDPR, the EU data protection regime, if your site will contain personal data, Siteground service and support is good. Another option to check out for WordPress hosting with good support, particularly with WordPress is CloudWays Hosting.


    InMotion Web Hosting Review

    I ditched inmotion YEARS ago. It’s a good move. Have a VPS on CloudWays now and it’s great for multiple site. If you manage your sites resources then you can run a lot of sites on the basic vps.
    For the last 3 years I have used Digital Ocean with ServerPilot (for a 4gb ram VPS it’s much cheaper than via Cloudways). It has been the best I have ever known. Always up – unless I stuff up.
    I think inmotion and Hostgator are an affiliate marketer favourites. Hostgator manages to get good user reviews, but is an EIG company host so is optimized for profit!
    I also use 1gb ram servers via Cloudways for clients I have notice since DO halved their prices and have new disks the CPU runs much higher so I think Vultr is presently the better deal to get more sites on one server.
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    Siteground vs Inmotion hosting

    We just had 1 complaint about siteground resource usage the other day on a Freelancing group I admin, and there were some suggestions in the article about how to ban certain locations, and possibly better caching. Siteground support recommended this user whose article we were discussing disable core components of WordPress, although it did look like their site was infected. Most disturbingly, a pro-Siteground person came out and said it wasn’t proper to do public posts.
    As for Inmotion, I have always found their content policy weird. Other hosts defend the 1st amendment. Inmotion asks me what I’m hosting, and requires it to be legal in the state I’m in. I wasn’t hosting porn for my client, but was talking about an issue that is legal in some states and not others (on only some of the pages.) I didn’t like that line of questioning, so I didn’t pursue them further. They do have a beautiful site, with a wonderful Q&A and wonderful community. I also years ago had a problem with their e-mail losing messages, but you didn’t ask about e-mail, and I generally find you can be a very good webhost and a very bad e-mail provider.
    I have used both and I do like both. I always recommend SiteGround for any Overseas sites. I have had sites with InMotion Hosting for well over a year and never had any issues a call or chat with their support hasn’t fixed.
    I have used GreenGeeks, SiteGround and InMotion Hosting. For me the best of the ones mentioned is InMotion Hosting. They have a better plan for WordPress hosting which is great. Apart from my existing InMotion hosting, I registered for A2 Hosting for 3Y and it’s almost a week now and I believe is even better.
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    It’s my personal view that surveys of which host is better are really not helpful in the end. Everyone’s specific needs, skill set, business model, and budget create a fairly unique picture. Applying one person’s preference to another’s is not an accurate comparison. I would choose neither.

    Shared hosting doesn’t work for serious business websites. I recommend to use cloud servers via Cloudways or Kinsta. DNS at the host is not necessary when using a dedicated DNS service such as CloudFlare. Email doesn’t need to be hosted with the website host. A dedicated service for that is better. G Suite, for example. Security and stability is better in a cloud environment.

    The hosting industry is moving toward separation of services as the better solution but shared hosts don’t seem to get it. When email, DNS, and web hosting is at one service and on crowded (aka shared) servers it makes for a very bad day when that host has issues. Multiply that times the number of client sites you take care of and no low price offer makes it worth it.

    For Starter Site of My Clients Who Want Shared Hosting I Always Preferred InMotion Hosting Pro Plan.

    Besides good hosting  there are lot more check list to do for a professional website. You must have to choose a lightweight and faster WordPress theme In combination with a smart wordpress page builder an effective WordPress Caching Plugin   and most importantly a better WordPress Security Plugin if you do not like to edit htaccess for security purpose.

    Best answer

    Go with BlueHost! You won’t regret it. I’m planning on getting an account with all the popular hosts and putting the exact same site on all of them to show load times. My BlueHost sites have been much faster than anything I’ve seen elsewhere and the price is right. Plus your backed by the industry leading hosting companies like Amazon, Google, DO, Vultr.

    Get BlueHost


    SiteGround has great support so far and I have nothing to complain about performance. I like the pricing, they support LetsEncrypt out-of-the-box (free SSL certificate) and usually you get a pretty fast response from their team when needed.

    If you’re wanting one site for your own and do not intend to start building sites for others I think any of those except InMotion Pro would be fine. Each host has it’s little quirks and things they do their way. Blue Host is not what it used to be and I would suggest looking elsewhere. I’m not alone in that assessment.


    Siteground vs Inmotion hosting for WordPress

    After going back and forth with server companies multiple times. I left siteground and gave inmotion a chance. Inmotion was unbearable. 7-9 second load times. I went back to siteground. I know siteground renewal fees are extremely high. But in all honesty. There is no better with shared hosting. I’ve tried them all. Bluehost,liquidweb,inmotion so on and so on.


    SiteGround vs InMotion Hosting

    Both are good, something that I don’t like in siteground is that they are offer you one price and next year you have to pay double because they put some small text on price tags…at least they have good support. I just switched from Inmotion Hosting to A2 hosting. Their customer support is awesome!

    SiteGround vs DigitalOcean

    We have everything hosted with an Inmotion VPS, but it’s horrible for performance.
    For smaller sites, we use A2 Hosting (that’s where our clients’ sites go for the most part). We have all of our own sites running on a $100/mo droplet from DO. Pretty happy so far. We’re moving everything from Inmotion to DigitalOcean.

    InMotion Reseller Hosting

    I had a very bad experience with InMotion Hosting Reseller Hosting. Started a hosting reseller account, created a website started getting clients. The site was hacked and the automated backups that I paid for failed. I decided to cancel after only 6 weeks. Then they said my 90-day money-back guarantee wasn’t valid because I didn’t pay for a year in advance.


    Depends on your budget, location and etc. You should not decide a hosting by their promo price. it’s tricky and deceptive. though most of the hosting does it. decide by the actual price after promo period. 
    Cloudways is just about as easy as Cloud VPS can get. Their migration tool is rock solid, if you have time just migrate a test domain first to familiarize yourself, then transfer the live domain. If you are using Cloudflare as your DNS you can switch between two hosts within seconds again and again until you iron out any errors you might have made. It’s a process that you really never look back from. I agree the email situation at Cloudways is an extra step, their discourse ted Rackspace package is fine if your client hasn’t too many mailboxes, but if they run a large operation the monthly per mailbox charges soon add up. You can get around that by moving your client domain over to any email service you can trust be it free, cheap, or paid but reliable.


    I have used GreenGeeks, SiteGround, and InMotionHosting. For me the best of the ones mentioned is InMotionHosting. They have a better plan for WordPress hosting which is great. Apart from my existing InMotion hosting, I registered for A2 Hosting for 3Y and it’s almost a week now and I believe is even better. I have spent some hours on reviews online.


    it really comes down to the budget per month you are willing to pay will determine the provider you can afford with the support. Being a novice you would look for a provider to top notch support and pay extra for it. you can go for performance, whats going to happen when you require some help? sorry please find a developer to assist you with this issue. Being small you wouldnt require powerful servers. Stay away from godaddy and any EIG associated servers like bluehosting etc.
    For a small low traffic site, I recently joined Bluehost shared server for $2.75/Month and locked in the max 5 years at that price. I know everyone here seems to hate Bluehost, but my multi page optimized site loads in <0.6 seconds. That 5 years cost me less than a 1 year renewal at my old host, so it was not a big risk.
    I’ve used and worked with several hosting providers over the years, including siteground, and found cloudways is a much better option. The performance improvement, alone, is more than enough reason to make the switch. I’ve migrated all of my clients from their hosts to cloudways and have seen huge improvements.
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