Should you Separate Domain Registration from Hosting?


Good morning all….I am doing a free course on “Build Your Own Business”. I’m up to the part “pick your domain, get hosting”.

Question: Is it better (or so I have read in the past) to register your domain name separate than having it included in the hosting package? If so, what register is the best?

Also I will be using WORDPRESS to build my website. What hosting do you like best? Thanks in advance for your input and taking the fear out of this so I can finally move forward. I am considering BLUEHOST and SITEGROUND as WordPress itself recommended.

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    Should you Separate Domain Registration from Hosting?

    Yes. Your domain name should always be kept separate from your web host to avoid pitfalls, such as domain name loss. If you decide to move to another site builder or web host, keep your domain name registered elsewhere so that you ensure your name will not be locked with your current web hosting provider.

    Which Domain Name register is the Best?

    NameCheap has been my domain name provider of choice for several years now. Their setup is intuitive and easy to use for beginners.


    What Hosting do You Like Best?

    I love SiteGround. They have phenomenal customer service. If you want to start as a beginner, Site Ground is a good choice. However, if you want to do it right, then get WordPress specific server.

    Best answer

    Unless you’re getting the domain for free, I would recommend getting them from different companies. It’ll just be easier if you ever decide to switch hosts down the road (which is very possible), or if you want to sell the site etc. I don’t think you can really go wrong either way though, as long as you’re able to move the domain away from your hosting provider.


    For security purposes, it is best to have them with different companies. This is a measure against hacking and account takeovers. There are website builders who register your domain in their name. As long as in the registration is in your name (business), then you can move it anywhere. Which is the case for most website hosts.

    I also recommend the NameCheap and SiteGround combo. You register on Namecheap, then point your DNS to the two servers for your Siteground account. Add your domain as an Additional Domain on Siteground. The process takes about 10 minutes to access your domain on Siteground.If any of this scares you, then just register it on Siteground.


    GoDaddy is very easy to set up with any host. I moved all mine from Godaddy though. I like NameCheap. I registered one domain through them and moved a couple to Namecheap.

    For hosting, I like SiteGround. They offer packages that allow you to host several websites in one package, (one price), email addresses for each as well, so you have a professional looking email address with YOUR domain not Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, AND SSL certificates are included for free.

    SSL certificates appear more secure to website visitors, they will see the little padlock near your domain address in the address bar.Your domain will have https at the beginning. Plus Google has a pop-up window saying the site may not be secure if you have no SSL.

    The only thing that may be a concern with hosting like SiteGround, BlueHost, and others is the cPanel can be a tad overwhelming at first but you have more control than with Godaddy hosting.


    I got my domains from GoDaddy and start my hosting with BlueHost. If you then outgrow bluehost you are then able to migrate the DNS within godaddy to another location easily enough.

    If using WordPress and want better performance and support pay extra for the WordPress hosting with bluehost. I have had amazing success with the upgraded level. If you do WordPress on the cheapest level without WordPress support and need actual WordPress, php, or sql assistant you are really limited from bluehost support.


    I use NameCheap for my domain names and CloudFlare (free account) for only DNS. This way, if i change web host, I only need to point DNS settings (IP address, etc.) to the new web host and don’t need to wait 48 hours for the websites to load from the new web host.

    Keeping your domain name(s) separate is also more secure. I use a free account on Cloudflare. Cloudflare is great for managing the DNS settings of domain names.

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