MalCare vs Wordfence vs Sucuri vs iThemes Security? Best WordPress Security Plugins?


MalCare vs Wordfence vs Sucuri vs iThemes Security? Best WordPress Security Plugins?

I am launching a multi-dwelling booking website and the host company includes free SSL certificate. Is it recommended to upgrade to a paid SSL certificate to facilitate online payment or should the free SSL certificate suffice? Also should I upgrade the security from the free IThemes security I am currently using? I have been reading some reviews on IThemes vs wordfence vs malcare vs Sucuri but want to ensure I have a the main things covered before I go live. Let me know your recommendations.

MalCare vs Wordfence vs Sucuri vs iThemes Security
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    Malcare is a better product because it doesn’t impact performance. I’ve steered clear of WordFence for that reason. Some hosts like WPEngine won’t even allow WordFence on their servers. MalCare offers advanced scanning and a strong firewall to protect your site.  All our processes take place on our off-site dedicated servers, aka – zero load on yours! There are also plans which include incremental backups.

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    Best security plugin for WordPress:

    Have been using iThemes for 3 years because the code it writes in htaccess ( for Apache) is good. It works well in conjunction with MalCare ( and Wordfence ) but no need to use the three of them. It’d be overkill. Currently with MalCare ($99/year) and iThemes Security free.

    Why I prefer MalCare Pro over iThemes Security Pro?

    • Firstly because Malcare’s scanner is very sophisticated whilst iThemes security use Suxuri’s scanner which is with absolutely basic features. For example, it doesn’t scan the dB. So if one has an SQLi ( a SQL injection/ inclusion) it won’t be noticed.
    • Secondly MalCare Pro includes a WAF (Web Application Firewall). No such a thing with iThemes Security Pro.
    • Thirdly With MalCare Pro I have unlimited malware removals. Totally lacking in iThemes Pro.

    That’s why iThemes is cheaper $60/ year. Or even $40/ year almost every other week.
    One can use Cloudflare along with both of them. So you can use Cloudflare’s firewall rules and DDoS protection.
    Also, Malcare has an extremely good reputation. Simply check Trustpilot or G2.

    iThemes Security Review:

    I don’t say iThemes security is bad even the opposite, and that’s why I use the free version along with Malcare.. However, their Pro version lacks basic features like malware removal, a good scanner, etc.

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  1. WP Security Ninja VS MalCare VS VirusDie:

    I have WP Security Ninja Unlimited sites, and some times it seems a little buggy, and I have MalCare for 3 Websites too and for me, the UI is better and they Scan the website outside of your server. virus die I don’t use. Malcare does a good job of protecting your sites and cleaning them. For complex malware that’s found in databases that malware can’t clean their support will clean it free of charge. Just put in a ticket and they’ll handle it within 24 hours. I’m so glad I stacked 3 codes and the $99 yearly backup solution for 15 sites.

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    I would strongly recommend you look at Shield Security. Shield has the edge in my humble view for its sleek well-designed user interface and packed with all features needed. The free version does a lot and the premium is excellent value. Shield Security is constantly evolving.


    Who is the Host? The host is everything. Dedicated IP address (at least for your own account regardless of how many sites you have on that acct). This isolates you from the rest of the chatter on the same server. Free SSL if it renews automatically, and consistently. Don’t see any reason to just jump the gun on paid versions of either WF or iT. Good host and something like Loginizer is even pretty secure if everything else it well. Kind of all depends on your needs, and budget but I wouldn’t spend it if you didn’t need to. Low and slow.
    I hope that helps.

  2. There is no technical reason to pay for an SSL cert. A free cert offers the exact same encryption. If your host doesn’t offer let’s encrypt, you need a new host.
    If your host has given u a free SSL cert then it means its a bonus for you. No need to buy another SSL, your host can’t give u a fake one that will make your site vulnerable. the free one performs as good as the paid ones. Stick to the free on.

  3. WordFence has been great for both my clients and my own company websites. I have seen recommended multiple times within this site here. Ithemes Security Pro Vs wordfence? What is the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

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