LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Worth It?


Is Anyone Using Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress Hosting? I Am Going To Get LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting Instead Of WPEngine, FlyWheel. I Heard LiquidWeb Is The Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting.

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Ali Akkas 2 years 2019-04-24T20:13:48+00:00 3 Answers 0

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    I Use Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting And Liquid Web Managed Cloud VPS For Some Clients Who Have Sites With High Resource Usage Or Other Special Requirements. Some Were Moved From Other Managed WordPress Hosting Services Where They Were Experiencing Problems. In All Cases, Performance Was Greatly Improved, And Problems Were Fixed, In Large Part Due To The Liquid Web Support Team Tweaking The Server To Work Best With The Specific Sites That Are Hosted On It.

    I Also Have A Website For A Client That Gets  300000 Visits Per Month. I Have The Site On A Managed Cloud VPS.Seems Everything Good Despite Some Resource Issues. We Are Thinking About Upgrading To Liquid Web Dedicated Servers Soon.

    If You Have High Traffic Website I Strongly Recommend Going With Liquid Web. For A Low Traffic Site Liquid Web Is Quite Costly. See Our Guide To Know About Best Web Hosting For Low Traffic WordPress Websites


    I wouldn’t use a managed web hosting plan. With many products, you need a VPS like the Amazon AWS EC2 compute instance. That will allow you to scale on demand. AWS EC2 is also more cost effective than a managed web hosting plan and much more flexible when it comes server resources like memory, CPU and disk space usage. On an EC2 instance, you also get dedicated resources so you never have to worry about sharing disk space with other users. For speed, I would connect Amazon Cloud Front CDN with Amazon EC2. Cloud Front is another AWS service that loads images and assets to a server optimized to deliver static content and assets like images, JS, and CSS. Using a CDN will drastically improve page load times.

    If you don’t have a budget to pay for solid hosting and folks to keep the website running, honestly I’d just go with Shopify Plus or enterprise. You don’t need to worry about the hosting and security headaches. I love WordPress but unless you have the expertise and can pay someone to manage such a store, I think you should go with a platform like Shopify.

    I’m building a site right now with a 100k plus SKU’s . My client bought the entire Premmerce suite and we’re using at the moment basic hosting to get it set up but will probably move 2A more sufficient platform when we launched because once we add traffic it’s going to need the resources.

    DON’T TOUCH PREMMERCE’s Themes! And the other stuff doesn’t work worth a shit with any other theme. I’ve been dealing with HELL since my client bought the full suite.

    How’s this one…there are absolutely NO Typography settings at all and that’s the least of it’s problems…How about being 11 versions behind the framework they’re building on. NO Kidding…This is the WORST theme I’ve EVER worked with.


    LiquidWeb provide Managed WordPress And Managed WooCommerce hosting. LiquidWeb is a little more expensive but their WooCommerce management and support is a bit more in depth than any other managed WordPress hosting. I recently setup a client on LiquidWeb and they have yet to have any issues with their store.

    LiquidWeb Managed WordPress Hosting

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