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  1. Leverage Browser Caching – Essentially, when somebody visits a page, the browser needs to download all the resources on that page from the server. These include HTML, CSS file, JS, text, images and any other assets in order to load and display the current page. Now, rather than actually downloading everything over and over again each time you visit a different page on the same site, the browser uses what is called a Web Cache. This is a feature used by browsers to ‘temporarily store’ or ‘cache’ web page assets on the device’s local storage. This storage or data is called ‘ Web Cache’ or ‘HTTP Cache‘.

    This can be done by adding some rules to your .htaccess file found in the root of your WordPress installation (hidden file). If you prefer, you can also do it with a plugin “Leverage Browser Caching WordPress Plugin

  2. What is the Leverage Browser Caching Warning?

    The leverage browser caching is referring to your browser cache. When you visit a website, The browser downloads HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images into browser’s local cache so that doesn’t have to download them again if you visit the page next time. But You Have To Enable Browser Cache Manually Or With A Plugin Like WP-Rocket

    How to Fix the Leverage Browser Caching Warning in WordPress?

    Use WP-Rocket Plugin To Fix Leverage Browser Caching Warning. You Can Also Get Rid Of WordPress Speed Issue Like Remove Query String From Static Resources

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