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  1. Basically  WordPress Website Speed Depends On Following Factors:

    1. A Good VPS hosting
    2. Do Image Compression
    3. CDN For Local Delivery
    4. Caching For Browsers

    How to Speed up WordPress Website: Ways to Reduce Load Time:

    Here’s my top list that i use to usually rank 95% or above on GT Metrix:

    1. A good host that uses SSD / NGINX or Varnish Or LightSpeed For Example A2Hosting, TMDHosting
    2. CloudFlare CDN.
    3. WP Rocket or Swift Performance For Caching
    4. Robin Image Optimizer (this is new and awesome by the way and Completely free).
    5. A Clean lightweight, but powerful theme such as WPAstra, OceanWP, GeneratePress
    6. Minimal number of plugins.

    That’s All You Need To DO For A Rocket Speed WordPress Website.

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