How To Remove Query Strings From Static Resources?


I am getting Remove Query Strings From Static Resources.

Hi All, Hope You’re Well! Getting Significant Slowdown On My Site Philbournedigitaldotcom From The Above Error. The Avada Thumbnails That Generate For Blog And Portfolio Posts Seem To Be The Issue.

Tried Every Plugin To Fix – Still Not Working. Any Tips?

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  1. You should be fine removing the query strings when caching your pages. IF this would cause any issues, then don’t remove them. In the end, they do not offer significant speed improvements.

    What you need to focus on is the page size and the number of requests. The numbers represented in the screenshot are indicative of a website that needs a lot of speed optimization TLC. Start with optimizing images, or deferring load of videos. Take a look at all the plugins you’re using do you NEED all of them?

  2. Query Strings in WordPress are the URLs containing “?” or “&”. For example, askwpDOTorg/script.js?ver=1.0. The CSS and JavaScript file which contain versions controlling are the query strings. By removing Query Strings,  caching can be improved. And removing Query Strings fix the warning in GTMetrix and Pingdom which is “Remove query strings from static resources.”

    Remove Query Strings from Static Resources:

    Use WP-Rocket And Simply Check The Box Of Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

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