How to Properly Register a Domain Name? Any Recommendations?


I Am About To Register A Domain For My Business Website. I Have Found Lot Of Domain registrar like GoDaddy, NameCheap, BlueHost. Should I Go For Anyone Of Them.
How Do I Register The Domain Name?
How Much Does A Domain Name Cost Per Year?
Where To Register The Domain Name?
If I Buy A Domain Name Do I Need Hosting?
Should I Get Hosting Also From Domain Register?

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  1. GoDaddy Vs NameCheap Vs BlueHost For Domain Registration:

    Register Domain Name With NameCheap. I Usually Use NameCheap For All My Domain Name Registrations. Don’t Register Your Domain With GoDaddy BlueHost Or Other Domain Registrar. Read Thoroughly To Know Why

    How to Register a Domain Name? If You Want To Register A Domain Name, Follow The Steps Mentioned Below:

    • Go To The Domain Registrar Website
    • Search For The Domain You Wants To Buy. If The Domain Is Available, Add The Domain To Cart, Then Continue To Cart.
    • Create An Account With The Registrar By Entering Some Necessary Information Or If You Have Existing Account You Can Simply Log In And Purchase The Domain).
    • The Time Period Will Be Mentioned And Select For How Many Years You Want The Domain, You Can Renew After Every Year Also.
    • Select The Payment Option By Which You Need To Pay For Your Domain Name. You Can Pay With Credit Or Debit Card Or PayPal, Some Registrar Also Allow Other Payment Options. Use What You Have.
    • The Domain Will Be Purchased Which You Can Further Use For Promoting Your Website And Business.


    How Much Does A Domain Name Cost Per Year?

    It’s Very From Registrar To Registrar. Generally A Domain Name Cost $10 to $15 Per Year. At NameCheap You Can Buy A Top Level Domain For $10 With Free Privacy Protection Where GoDaddy Cost Nearly $20 For A Domain And Another $10 For Privacy Protection.

    Where To Register The Domain Name?

    I’ve Used NameCheap For Years. Although Have Had Many Clients On GoDaddy And  Personally I Find Their UI Really Annoying. GoDaddy Is Costly. Send Lots Of Advertising Messages. And Phone Call From At 4am To Sell Another Product.

    If I Buy A Domain Name Do I Need Hosting?

    Yes Because Domain Name And Web Hosting Are Two Different Product. They Work Together To Make A Websites. Domain Name Is A Address That Is Used To Find Your Website At Internet. Domain Name Hold The Address Of The Web Hosting Service Which Is Storing Your Website’s Files On Their Server. It  Generally Possible For People To Find Your Website If You Don’t Have Domain Names And You Cannot Create A Website Without Web Hosting Because Where You Will Host Your Files.

    Should I Get Hosting Also From Domain Register?

    Separate Your Domain Name From Your Web Hosting. Because  If You Have A Problem With Your Web Hosting Company, Then You Could Switch To Another Web Host Without Problems In About A Day (You Could At Least Upload A Backup To Another Web Host And Point Your Domain Name To This New Web Host – You Do Make Backups, Do You?). If Your Web Host Also Has Access To Your Domain, Then Things Could Take A Lot Longer, You Could Experience A Variety Of Problems.

    So What Next? To Know About From Where You Should Get Hosting After Getting The Domain See This, Best WordPress Hosting Platform. Learn Best and Most Popular WordPress Theme. There Are Some Other Useful Guide Also. Know About  Best WordPress Cache Plugin And From Where You Can Hire WordPress WebSite Developer. Always Keep Backup Of Your Website. Learn About Best WordPress Backup Plugin. And Lastly Make Your WordPress Website GDPR Compliant

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