How To Get And Install Lets Encrypt Free SSL Certificate For Godaddy?


Help!!!! I Have A WordPress Site. It’s Not Secure. It’s Hosted By Godaddy And I Know, I’m Going To Change It When It Renews In August. Maybe Now If I Can’t Get This Issue Resolved. I Need A SSL Certificate. I Found One. It Needs My CSR From Godaddy. My SSL Settings On Godaddy Says Purchase SSL From GoDaddy And Price Of GoDaddy SSL Is $74 USD/yr. I Can’t Seem To Find A Way To Install Free SSL Certificate On GoDaddy.

Now How To Get And Install  Free SSL Certificate On Godaddy? I Wonder If It Is Possible To Install Let’s Encrypt Free SSL On Godaddy!

If I Move From GoDaddy Now Where Should I Go? What WordPress Web Hosting Company AskWP Recommend?

I Am Leaning Toward CloudWays From Information On Web, But What Email Company Do You Recommend? Is It CloudWays Better Then GoDaddy? I Had Seen CloudWays Has Free SSL Certificate. I Had Also Seen Good Reviews About SiteGround. So What Should I Choose? SiteGround Or CloudWays? Thank You For The Help.

Ps: Not A Techie, Just Doing The Best I Can!

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    Why Not Move Away From GoDaddy Now Especially Since You Know They Are Bad, There Are Enough Better Alternatives To Choose From. The Only Thing I Have With GoDaddy Is A Domain Name, And I’m Planning To Transfer It As Soon As Possible.

    For One Of My Client I Tried CloudFlare. It Didn’t Worked Because He Has Managed WordPress Hosting With GoDaddy. They Would Not Let Me Go In And Change To HTTPS In The Settings. They Block Access To It For Managed WordPress Hosting. Which Meant Even Though I Set Everything Up With CloudFlare And Real SSL I Was Still Having The Unsecured Problem. My Client Caved And Purchased The GoDaddy SSL Which Is Way Overpriced And I Told Them So Because I Got Tired Of Fooling With It And I Couldn’t Find An Alternative.

    I Guess What You Should Do Is Test The SSL Set Up On GoDaddy With CloudFlare On But You Need To Switch To cPanal Hosting From GoDaddy Managed WordPress. Or The Most Recommended Way Is You Should Move Now To CloudWays As I Said Or A2Hosting As They Offer Free One Click  Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate. They Also Offer To Move The Websites In A Switch For Free, So Shouldn’t Be Too Much Of An Inconvenience.


    Security & Performance On GoDaddy Hosting Is A Joke. Security Starts From Server Not From WordPress. Run Away As Far As You Can From GoDaddy. And Most Of Hosting Companies Offer Free SSL These Days, Look Into InterServer, A2Hosting And CloudWays

    Migration Part Is Little Tricky, If Your Site Has Only SSL Issues And Not Infected By Malware Ask InterServer, A2Hosting And CloudWays To DO The Migration For Free Or You Don’t Want To Migrate All Those Malware As Well.  Better Scan It Properly With Sucuri Site Check Before And After You Migrate To New Host.

    Dump GoDaddy. Go To CloudWays Or InterServer Or A2Hosting And Get Their Cheapest Plan. Do Not Migrate Anything If You Are On A Budget. Start Over With Your Site Design From Scratch.

    See Here A List Of Best WordPress Web Hosting Companies. You Might Want To Check Out About How To Chosse Best Web Hosting For Your Website
    Good Day!

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    Sites that don’t use SSL will be ranked lower in the search results, so yes, you do need SSL, but all decent hosts offer this for free or at a very low cost now, since it is no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

    Shocking that GoDaddy is charging $80 for SSL. Even if you have to pay for a cert, Comodo offers basic certificates for about $6 a year which are more than sufficient for sites that are not eCommerce sites or have a need for wildcards. (basic as in without offering $1million breach insurance if the encryption is cracked, not basic in terms of the fact they offer 2048 bit encryption that would require the NSA supercomputer to crack).

    LetsEncrypt is free, but if the host doesn’t provide this as a service, then it is a maintenance burden because the keys expire every 3 months and need to be refreshed, and it can be technically challenging for people who are unfamiliar with generating the keys and installing the certificate on the server themselves (not to mention the redirections/rewrites required), as well as updating the database to prevent mixed content warnings.

    If the host doesn’t provide the option to install a certificate issued by a certification authority of your own choice (or if they are trying to rip you off by charging for something which should essentially be part of the service provided by default) then you should find a different host.

    SiteGround and A2Hosting, Inmotion Hosting, BlueHost, or hundreds of other large, medium, and small providers! Even frickin’ HostGator is now offering free certificates!!!

    There is exactly zero justification for anyone as pricey as GoDaddy to be charging for basic SSL/TLS certificates.


    If you have cPanel shared hosting, I believe they still let you upload your own cert, which you can generate manually using LetsEncrypt etc. Non-cPanel like Godaddy Managed WordPress does not have any way to upload certs, you have to buy theirs. You could use Cloudflare to have them serve over HTTPS and not need one on the server itself.


    Leave GoDaddy, most other companies offer it for free I know where I host at it is. I would move if you can. I know too many people who have had problems with GoDaddy. A2Hosting is good for a small site, and their customer service is good and they do free SSL with Let’s Encrypt. On the downside, it’s a lot more expensive after the first year.

    You really do need an SSL though, as increasingly websites without them are getting blocked by browsers, or your viewers get messages that your website is unsecured.


    Did lets encrypt make the change to sha-2 recently? Also remember let’s encrypt is self signed so a lower level of security according to google. I personally love GoDaddy Customer Service. I don’t use them for hosting but for domains and SSL. I pay 400 a year currently but host 16 client sites on one UCC SSL. I host with cloud ways, which provides let’s encrypt but it’s spotty adding multiple SANs.


    Sign up for a free Cloudflare account, use their nameservers and shared certificate for now. Then whenever you are ready to migrate your websites, you can do it with zero downtime. FYI, you can have three websites in each Cloudflare account you create. Of course, I cannot comment on what complications letting the GoDaddy issued certificate expire may cause. You may need help from their tech support. I would no longer recommend GoDaddy to my worst enemy… not that I have on.


    Heaps web hosting companies offer SSL for free now. Godaddy is slow & cheap as hell, but not worth it at all, they are a dinosaur, slow as hell and shit, whenever you have a problem they blame your website and web designer, and nearly every time the problem ended up being them.. wasted so many hours of my life until I left. Bastards


    It’s a hassle with GoDaddy, as they make a LOT of money from selling SSL! Almost all reputable hosts include Let’s Encrypt or the cPanel powered one for free. Godaddy hosting is pure crap. WPXhosting is amazing, WPengine, Flywheel for Divi, and SiteGround (but I hate their backups). For anyone reading this “Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting” is so bad but “Manage WP” that Godaddy bought out a few years ago is still super awesome for keeping your WordPress sites in one place (not hosting). ManageWP(dot)com.

    CPanel had a recent huge price hike which I think forced many hosting outfits to turn away from using it. Especially for cheaper hosting levels. Siteground has developed its own account management interface and no longer uses cPanel for newer accounts. Let’s Encrypt SSL is free and still easily applicable to a domain.

    GoDaddy does not offer the Let’s encrypt option (it’s standard in most other Cpanels I have seen). Also installing your own does not seem to be an option. That’s their policy – offer a refund to the 1% customers who ask for it and sell their own $79.95 certificate to the remaining 99%. Plus offer them website security services on top. I know that some customers are still convinced that it’s a cool company. Best is not to get too much involved and let them pay the price.

    As mentioned in other answers here, steer clear of GoDaddy.


    There are free SSL certificates out there for websites (which WordPress makes them available for WordPress .org sites)

    The problem is GoDaddy does not officially support them because they want you to pay for them. To a degree, I can understand that position as there are different types of certificates and your certificate support should be based on your needs.

    GoDaddy’s position is they want a certificate they can support, a more feature right certificate that can range in price from @ $80 – $500/year.

    Most people don’t need that type of certificate which is why Let’s Encrypt and other free certificates are so popular

    If you’re adventurous, you may be able to install a free letsencrypt certificate on GoDaddy. I’m not so sure I would.


    I think GoDaddy is the only host still charging extra for SSL. Really irresponsible to let amateurs have unsecured sites so the whole system can be hacked. I would recommend contacting GoDaddy support and GoDaddy is dreadful and you shouldn’t use them. As opposed to paying $79 (or whatever they’re charging now) a year for a GoDaddy SSL cert that they won’t install for you unless you pay them. Move to an actual host offers Let’s Encrypt, a free SSL certificate that renews every 90 days, and is easy to install via the host’s cPanel.

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