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  1. I recommend WP Fluent Forms which seems very promising and with TLD deals it’s no brainer. The reason why I don’t recommend to go with Gravity Forms is due to the amazing lifetime deal and upcoming amazing features to WP Fluent Forms. I was one of the Gravity Forms very happy users (former) and now WP Fluent Forms “believer” as I bought their LTD which will save spending as we need those damn forms (quality ones) on all our sites, less or more complex, and they MUST work!

  2. I really like WP Fluent Forms over Gravity Forms. You get lots of pre-built form templates and a “repeater” field which not many others (if any?) do easily, or at all. So if you were building a form where people had to enter one or more entries, like details on children or pets or whatever, a repeating field is a must have!
    Also I like their layout system so that your fields can be in columns And the backend UI is really easy to use, they just refreshed it recently.

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