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  1. I used GoDaddy and Switched to A2Hosting. Avoid using Bluehost, HostGator and other EIG hosts. Flywheel, Inmotion, Siteground, Namehero are all better, in my opinion. I’ve used them all

    GoDaddy Web Hosting For WordPress:

    Stay far far far away from Godaddy. Here’s the thing – server location isn’t as important as it used to be. With fibre backbones stuff literally travels at the speed of light these days. If you can take full cpanel backups then do it – upload them to your new account at A2 and then submit a support ticket for account restores – they’ll do them for free then once that’s done switch over the DNS. (biggest difficulty with any migration is the email accounts).

    HostGator Web Hosting For WordPress:

    HostGator used to be an awesome hosting company, but now, stay well away from them. I’ve been using them for a few years, and in the last two years, they stopped managing their own security. My sites on HostGator have been hacked and infected with malware SEVEN times in the last year. HostGator immediately refers you to their “partner” SiteLock – who wants to charge $200 per domain to clean up any hacks or malware, and then they want to charge $65 per month, per domain, to “protect” the site from malware. The last three times I was hacked, I made sure I had all strong passwords that were recently changed, including my FTP passwords, and zero vulnerable plugins. My sites still got hacked and infected because someone has root access to the actual HostGator server – which users can not protect themselves from.

    BlueHost Web Hosting For WordPress:

    BlueHost is not the best choice, although their servers are stable. I still have a reseller account there and my Divi WordPress Theme sites are loading in about 2-3sec. What is a turn off is their support system. I had the same mediocre support experiences with InMotion, A2, BlueHost, GoDaddy, Media Temple, Namecheap.
    Good shared hosts are Siteground and KnownHost. KnownHost has a bit better support than Siteground which means a lot. Having been with 10+ hosting companies in the last 15 years I have never seen anything like KnownHost. Best bang for the buck.
    The next price levels are Kinsta and some others mentioned here if you can afford going higher than shared hosting.

    GoDaddy Vs BlueHost Vs HostGator:
    Stay away from all of theme at all costs. Google a bit and you’ll hear all the horror stories. In hosting it really is you get what you pay for. Even their vps is garbage. I still recommend Amazon AWS or digital ocean. Takes a bit to learn but once you get one set up you can clone it and deploy in seconds when you need a new instance. This also allows you to market your service as VPS hosting. Which is a good differentiator, and when people don’t pay. Just pause the instance.

    Downtime, in bed partnerships with security companies with questionable business practices,and more. It doesn’t’ seem to matter to many as long as they can save a dollar. Funny thing though,when things go afoul , suddenly, that big savings of money for cheap shared hosting doesn’t seem like such a bargain anymore. When will people realize, you really do get what you pay for (or don’t). If you’re paying next to nothing for yourself or your clients each month and think you are cleverly banking extra $$$,you’re deceiving yourself and when the chickens come home to roost (as they always do) you’ll wish you’d spent the extra money to get on a decent host, specifically managed WP hosting instead of opting for the bargain basement hosting that will sooner or later send your entire enterprise scrambling for solutions.

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