GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review?


GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting Review?

How many are using Avada with this hosting package? I have had nothing but trouble. Slow loads (shared hosting), pharmahack, crashes on critical plugin and theme updates, low memory limits until you upload a php.ini file, etc. Am I the only one?

godaddy managed wordpress hosting review

If it get the choice, I use Flywheel hosting. But sometimes I get locked in to GoDaddy as people buy it b/c they already own their domain name with GD and naturally buy their hosting too.

Anyone having SUCCESS with it?

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    I resell their products and I have told them about the performance with their managed hosting numerous times having issues. They never even believe me. I am now moving all my Managed WordPress sites to the A2Hosting, which has helped a lot for the ones moved already. They are performing and acting way better!


    I moved to Krystal Hosting who are UK based and have found them to be very helpful with technical stuff. Not a developer myself but have an Avada website which I put together and needed wider memory limits. They specialize in WordPress Hosting and are an independent operation so not owned by one of these giants that seem to operate in the hosting market. May be worthwhile for you to have a look at anyway and were recommended to me by someone in this group originally. Thought I would pass on the tip to others as I know from personal experience that it is a bit of a minefield! Good Luck.


    Honestly, I’ve started to refuse to manage sites that are hosted on GoDaddy. Nothing but trouble and scant resources.

    I will migrate them to my FlyWheel plan, or shift them to NameCheap hosting, which is reasonable cost and does really well for us for lightweight sites.


    I’ve done probably 100 sites with GoDaddy. Are there better options? Sure. But it is cost-effective for the client and works well.


    GoDaddy is miserable. All themes, all sites suffer there. Some succeed if built well. Just because your name is there, does not mean you have to have your site there. Know that if you move hosts, your problems may exist still, but be different.


    If you complain enough GoDaddy will let you go and give you a refund if you demand it and prove that their site speeds are slow. Switch to FlyWheel – it’s been a blessing and all my Avada sites are hosted on there with no problem (as long as the site’s optimized)


    I actually have quite a few on GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – around 5 sites – and it is not ideal but for the most part haven’t had any major issues. These are all what my clients already had when we connected. I do need to, for new sites, finding something better.

    I prefer a VPS server with CloudWays (they are based out of US) & do an amazing job – extremely personalized support. Can’t recommend them highly enough.


    I do not use their Managed WordPress Hosting, I using regular Linux cPanal hosting and upload the WordPress myself, this way I control the settings, I have one site with their WordPress hosting, that someone create and give me the manage, it is bad.
    When they made changes to their control panel it takes hours to find what you need again


    Go for Bluehost or Dreamhost. I have got a very bad experience with Godaddy managed WordPress hosting. It’s cheap but very slow, even with caching and compression enabled a webpage with very few photos loads very slowly.

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