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FlyWheel vs WPEngine? Hi everyone! I’m new to the group and would appreciate some feedback on WP Engine vs FlyWheel. I run a communications firm and need a host that has an excellent dashboard and makes transferring sites to clients easy. My concerns with FlyWheel were security and support – but the reviews I’ve read are old. Anyone have any recent experience to share?

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    Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting:

    I just LOVE Flywheel! If you are looking for Managed WordPress Hosting and just want your hosting to be rock solid, fast, reliable. I don’t think there is any better. I’ve used a lot of the more well-known hosting companies and like Flywheel the best.

    Flywheel vs WP Engine:

    I had both simultaneously and tested them out. The same installs on both Flywheel and WP Engine and Flywheel did way better for performance with my Elementor sites. They are both good performance-wise, the flywheel is just better.

    WP Engine Pros:

    I also had an intro call today with WPEngine. I think WPEngines staging to live is much better than Flywheel. If you need to push changes to a very active live site ie e-commerce WPEngine will handle this. Flywheel won’t.

    Flywheel Divi Hosting:

    Flywheel + White Label + Local + Divi has been a super-efficient and profitable setup for about 2 years.

    What Is Local By Flywheel?

    Local is a server environment that’s running locally and you have a local WordPress even with SSL. Then you can export it to your production server. It’s great, even you get a temporary public URL to showcase your site.  I recommend checking out a recent YouTube tutorial for it. You can push/pull sites directly from Flywheel as well. You can also set up a “Blueprint” as a starting point for new sites. So for example, you install Divi, all the plugins you always use, etc. and you get it set up to where you ALWAYS begin with every site, and then you just create a new site using the Blueprint and you don’t have to install all over again. Occasionally you will update your Blueprint(s) because you want to have the most recent versions of your theme and plugins. I have separate Blueprints for a temp landing page, a regular site, and an e-commerce site. There is so much you can do with Local. You can create a site in like 1 minute just to test something out, and then delete it, and start over. It makes no difference. It’s a total sandbox.

    Flywheel White Label Review:

    White Label is Flywheel’s client subscription platform. So basically I can create recurring or one-time subscriptions/charges for client sites. You set the price, you completely control what that price includes. It’s all billed through White Label, which is connected to our Stripe account, so we collect dozens of payments from each site every month. Some of it is simply the hosting fee and nothing else, some of the clients pay for hosting + X number of hours for maintenance etc

    WP Engine Web Hosting Review:

    I used the WP Engine for 2 months for my personal site but I wanted to expand and add hosting service to my business. I liked Flywheel now that they integrated with Divi and they have a nice white Lable hosting system. I am thinking to change my personal site to FlyWheel which is with WPEngine. I have found Flywheel is more reasonably priced, hosting solutions. Love flywheel- excellent service and tools. Never had to call support – everything just works. It’s not that expensive despite what others say.

    Get FlyWheel Hosting


    I’ve got about 170 sites on Flywheel and have no complaints. Transferring sites to clients is easy easy and quick, not three days as previously mentioned. The transfer that person mentions is if you have Flywheel do the migration, but that won’t be necessary if you are moving from your Flywheel account to another. Support has been fantastic as well. They have a chat option that solves 90% of my needs as well as an emergency email for serious issues…and I’ve never waited more than 10 minutes for a response. Flywheel is currently transitioning from Linode over to Google Cloud, which will continue to make their platform even better.


    Flywheel Vs WPengine Pricing:

    Flywheel sites start at $14/month. WP Engine starts at $35/month. That’s a huge difference for a site.

    Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review:

    Flywheel support is great, my sites load faster than ever, and the dashboard is intuitive and really easy to use. They do disallow or recommend against some types of plugins, such as for caching, security, backup, and SMTP mail, but it’s all handled through Flywheel instead. Transactional emails are sent via SendGrid, and I’ve had no issues. They are also somewhat flexible on the disallowed plugins—for example, you can run your own backup from WordPress, but they recommend that the backups are stored through a third-party service like Dropbox.

    Visit FlyWheel Hosting


    I would add Kinsta to this shortlist.

    There are a lot of people who have had both good and bad experiences with Flywheel and WPEngine (I’ve cancelled the latter twice because of subpar support) but you’re gonna be hard pressed to talk to a bunch of people who have had really bad experiences at Kinsta.


    Flywheel had been great for me with migrations and support. Questions answered promptly. The only issue I had is that they’re not 24×7, so when I had a site issue on a Saturday I had to see what I could do on my own.
    flywheel managed wordpress hosting


    My experience with Flywheel tech support wasn’t that good. It would take days before I would get a reply in my tickets, support was only one shift, no weekend support. You had to email their emergency email if you needed weekend support. This was about a year and a half ago. I’m with Wired Tree now. Tech support answers within 20 mins tops each time.


    I have an Agency wpengine account. I’ve also been down the road with flywheel. Start with flywheel, they will migrate your site for you- poorly in my experience and support was slow. Then go to WPengine chat with support and you will be convinced wpengine will take care of your customer.


    I use both and there is no comparison between WP Engine and FlyWheel support. FW support used to be good, but lately way too slow and long wait times. Last week chat was 30+ mins which is what I expect at a cheaper host like Host Gator. It also took over 24 hours for them to get back with me on a ticket. With WPEngine, I never wait more than 5 mins and get answers to tickets within a few hours. FlyWheel takes 3 business days to transfer a site unless you want to pay $49. WPEngine has their own migration plugin that takes me maybe an hour to get a site transferred — super easy and fast. Plus, if you run into issues, you can always reach out via chat and get it resolved almost immediately.


    I have an Agency wp engine account. I’ve also been down the road with flywheel. Start with flywheel, they will migrate your site for you- poorly in my experience and support was slow. Then go to WPengine chat with support and you will be convinced wpengine will take care of your customer.

    Wp engine has amazing support. We have 2 clients on Wp engine and looking to move our 4 businesses from a vps to wpengine.

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