Flatsome for Dropshipping?


Flatsome for Dropshipping? Anyone out there who has used Flatsome for dropshipping? if so, can you recommend which plugin to use for aliexpress? I am looking for something like oberlo which handles almost everything for WordPress but not welling to use a plugin with ongoing fees like woodropship. Happy to pay a one-time fee.

Flatsome for Dropshipping
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  1. Aliexpress dropship on codecanyon, highly recommend and support is excellent.


    I tried Alidropship, dropified all not working 100% full of bugs with fulfillment, and support needs 3 days to respond. Shopmaster is the most user friendly with super responsive support. They allow many suppliers to import. They are about to finalize 100% auto-fulfillment. Far superior to Alidropship or Dropified

  2. Use Alidropship for Woocommerce. When you buy the AliDropship plugin they will send you 2 plugin

    1. Alidropship original
    2. Alidropship for woocommerce

    So if you want to create a dropshipping site without using woocommerce install plugin Alidropship original If you want to use woocommerce use plugin Alidropship for woocommerce.

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