Elementor Pro vs Divi Theme Visual Builder : Review with Pros and Cons?


Which is better for new web design. Elementor Pro vs Divi?

I’m new to working with WordPress. I would like to be able to customize my website beyond the pre-made templates WordPress offers. How well do they both work with GoDaddy Web Hosting? Are they worth the price?

I checked both of their sites and don’t see a toll free phone number. How is the support?

Does Elementor offer a lifetime option yet as Divi does?

Elementor vs Divi Review Pros and Cons

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  1. I use them both Elementor and Divi heavily for client work. Also, throw some Oxygen in there.

    Both Elementor and Divi or freaking huge resource-wise, so you’ll want to be sure and use asset cleanup to manage resources.

    Elementor and Divi Comparison:

    • Elementor modules/elements are more defined and at times a little “rigid” for my taste.
    • Divi’s modules are a little more “open for interpretation.
    • Both Elementor and Divi has template builders so you can save page layouts and re-use later.
    • Divi UI is more than Elementor.
    • With Divi’s key shortcuts, you have the ability to style a module and then automatically apply those styles to all of the same module types in that row, section, or page.


  2. I started with Divi and loved it. Still do. But at the time, they didn’t have WooCommerce features so, I started using Elementor. It is great, too. I also tried Oxygen Builder. That’s also a powerful builder, but you’ll need to know a fair amount of code. More on that if you’re interested.

    Now that Divi has added WooCommerce and a theme builder, I’ll probably use Divi from ElegantThemes  and Elementor, depending on the project. They are both great with similar key features. You should try both of them. Give yourself a good 30 minutes to an hour and build the same page with both. That’s what I did.

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