Divi vs Avada? Which Is the Best WordPress Theme?


Hi everyone, any recommendations on WordPress Themes? I have been using Headway Themes for a while now and it’s been a love/hate relationship. I love the flexibility and ease of the drag and drop page builder, but sometimes I feel like I am playing with fire. I am starting a podcast and need to build a site for it. I am ready to try something new. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks so much. I found that Divi and Avada is the all time best selling.

Divi vs Avada? I know both are best selling theme. Now which bestselling theme is the best?

divi theme vs avada

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  1. I would recommend using GENERATEPRESS Theme in combination with THRIVE ARCHITECT. Thrive Architect has a visual editor, a list builder plugin with conversion optimization in mind. It has fully customizable landing pages, sales pages, lead-generation pages and more. You can host your own online classes with their apprentice feature, amazing tutorials, new features released all the time, and very good customer support. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

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    Thrive Architect is very customizable and can be adapted for any business. Especially when packaged with their entire suite makes for a very powerful marketing platform and cheaper than if you were to purchase each of the plugins separately from third party vendors.

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    I use Divi WordPress Theme. There are some things I don’t like so I had a look at Elementor Page Builder and Beaver Builder and decided to stay with Divi for now. Biggest thing missing in the other two (if I looked right) is, although they do have global modules, they don’t have selective sync.

  2. I love Divi Theme because i can control the padding/sizing of modules without having to know css! audio module size is huge, footer widgets are a bear to get aligned when you use different types [is woo products/text/custom menu all have different heights] AND a Bloom optin that is barebones without all the padded whitespace that you cannot easily adjust without css.

    I’d love to be able to use the Divi Builder to build Mega Menus. Yes, I know divi supports a very basic form of Mega menu, but if you could just click an option, and have a full width drop down which is a blank canvas for the divi builder, that would be awesome.

    I very rarely have issues with updates (mostly never). A good solid host, plugins that are actually supported, and clean CSS goes a long way towards helping this. I am personally glad the Divi team updates regularly. I hate software that isn’t supported or isn’t moving forward.

    Just because a theme can do nearly EVERYTHING, that does not mean that EVERYBODY can handle it. Yes, you can build a neat, simple website when you have no idea about web design and the specs, but when you start adding features that professional web designers should be handling, you’re bound to set yourself up for (your website’s) failure. Hope that doesn’t sound mean. But it’s true.

    Well I’m testing Avada 6.0 with their new visual builder (they call it Fusion Live Builder) but it’s actually not that bad…

    The design options are quite limited if you’re used to Divi, but everything works smooth and the one thing I always liked about Avada – their extensive theme options – are now integrated in the front end. They act a bit like Divi’s global defaults, so you can set default styling for a lot of elements.

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    One of the most important thing to ensure when choosing a WORDPRESS theme is to make that the theme will be updated consistently (WordPress is constantly changing and security+bug fixes are critical) and that the developer has support available.

    Choosing a theme goes a little farther than just how the site looks and if it’s responsive. Obviously, those things matter. A lot.

    But, of nearly equal importance is how well the theme is built under the hood. Also, is it well supported by the theme author, in the area of compatibility and support updates as well as tech support for problems and questions?

    If you only have one or two websites, then look for a very lean and specific theme – something that is not bloated with a bunch of sales features, is easily customizable, and agrees with your target market’s expectations.

    If you build sites for clients, however, requirements change. As a site developer/designer you don’t want to have to buy a new theme for every client – or at least not a separate license for each. Learning and supporting many different themes is not efficient and it will cost you money in the end. Instead, settle on three or four themes that are very flexible. Master them. Then you can easily build sites without having to do the song and dance of searching all the theme companies for that “perfect” one.

    We use GENERATEPRESS from Tom Usborne on all our client site.

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  4. Yeah. Avada is clunky to me. Resource hog, too. Headway is my other goto because it’s lean, mean, and very easy to make custom layouts. But you got CSS there, too. The only theme I have almost no custom css on is Astra Theme. It has some limitations, but the company is coming out with a new one to overcome some of it called Champion.

    I just got privy to Divi WordPress Theme with a new client. I am excited to see the difference. I do hope Divi comes out with their better version fast or I might be going with Avada.

  5. With Themeforest‘s licensing language – It seems like you need to include a theme license fee in every project you do with it, right? If you use it on 20 sites, you need 20 licenses, right? Not that that’s a deal breaker – if it’s one license per site, it’s one license per site. But you need to know before you start the second site.
    I use Divi a lot. The thing about Avada’s page builder, just like the Visual Composer, is that you can change the column structure when you want. With Divi WordPress Theme, I feel that you have to know in advance how you want to construct each section. I added a screenshot of my section to show what I mean.
    DIVI vs Avada Which One Is Best WordPress Theme

  6. I have been building sites for clients for many years now using Avada. I know it inside out so for every new project, Avada was the obvious choice. Until I discovered the best WordPress theme DIVI. No more Avada for me. Bloated beyond reason. Jack of all trades, master of none. Choose master. Currently moving our last remaining Avada site over to Divi WordPress Theme. All of our other sites are already using that as part of the base teach stack.

    If you go to the Divi community you will find thousands of happy users creating great websites.

  7. I have used both Avada Theme and Divi Theme. I think Divi has more features than Avada it has lots of animation hover and gallery styles while in Avada there isn’t any much for gallery. And Avada is not that much user friendly in terms of Divi. Divi is really cool and user friendly.. I always prefer to use Divi.

    I have a couple of clients with Avada and I find it frustrating now. I recommend Divi WordPress Theme!! Divi is the most intuitive builder i have ever used. I have a colleague that loves Avada and I hate helping with her sites. It seems like such a pain in the ass to change almost anything.

  8. I have briefly looked at both Avada and Enfold. Both look better than Divi builder. Avada seems much more flexible with lots of configuration options. Most of my Divi builds have masses of custom css and most of this is available as configurable options in Avada.

    When you see Divi in isolation it looks great but when compared to other builders its appears lacking. Lets hope the recent announcements from ET make Divi at least as good.

  9. Hello,

    I prefer Padma Unlimited over Headway and others. Also I can use it with other page builder like visual composer or elementor, but generally I use it only with Gutenberg.

  10. Why Divi Is The Best WordPress Theme:

    1. Very active community cuts troubleshooting time way down.
    2. Regular updates with emphasis on usability and UI make it a pleasure to work with.
    3. Comparatively good value for money with lifetime license.
    4. Growing list of plugin developers adding specific compatibility for Divi.
    5. Third party product market is booming making added functionality cost/time effective.
    6. It’s built to last – future proofed code base for future WordPress updates.
    7. The documentation kicks ass.

  11. Divi 3 is stable and secure and a lot less bulky than Avada. Avada has slicker features, I think. They are both fully responsive but Divi is the best.

  12. If you want to build out s website and keep it all one domain, go for Thrive Architect. Personally I have no needs beside content builder and thrive leads.
    And even with that I’m looking into changing over to ClickFunnel because for client hosting it seems easier. My boring answer is going to be; depends on what you need.

    If you want everything to stay n-domain do thrives. If not, I’d go for ClickFunnel.

  13. I’ve been rebuilding a lot of Divi and Avada client sites in Oxygen Builder because they’re just soooo slow now with all the updates and bloat. They’re just about unusable in some cases. Oxygen is fantastic and so much more flexible.


    What an interesting topic. I’ve been using Divi WordPress Theme for almost 10 years now, but after looking into Elementor Pro, I definitely have a bee in my bonnet to take it for a test drive. No space for Big Bloated Avada.

  14. Elementor Page Builder with Elementor Hello Theme is so easy and consistently good I stopped looking elsewhere but I don’t use Elementor Pro, there hasn’t been a need for it with so many 3rd party plugins and addons.

  15. I understand there’s going to be a few zillion recommendations for themes, but here’s what you need to know:
    > Storefront is from WooCommerce for Online Stores And Also Works As A Standalone Theme
    > By default, is it “pretty”? NO.
    > The point though is to get a theme that consistently works!

    Storefront, by default is rather plain. And that’s the point. Storefront is meant to be customized. Instead of focusing on Sliders, and bloated plugins, Storefront maintains compatibility with other WooCommerce Extensions like Subscriptions, Variation Swatches, Bookings, and more!

    The core theme is -of course- FREE!

    And, all you need to customize the theme is a developer / designer or, you can simply purchase this Bundle which includes anything you’ll ever need to make each element exactly the way YOU want it.

  16. I’m in a similar boat. I’ve been using Divi WordPress Theme for over a year but it just slows down my site too much. Half the time features don’t work properly so I’ve been trying to find another theme to move to as I’m doing a redesign. I bought Kadence Pro but after a couple weeks with it I’m abandoning it, too complicated. So now trying to find something else.

  17. I generally use Astra Pro Theme for most things at the moment.

    For attractiveness I like Array Themes. But, disappointingly, they sold their business StudioPress Themes to Couple of Months Ago. So you can’t buy their themes anymore. But you can get them if you get a StudioPress Membership.

  18. Check a youtube comparison or review for each. I think it does not really matter when choosing amongst the most popular themes; some themes are built with advanced features but bloated for that reason, and others are simple and fast but include nothing thus you’ll need to add plugins and widgets that will make them bloated.

    What matters is that you’d be able to fix all speed issues and conflicting details because you’ll always have those; learn it or hire an expert to do that.

  19. Why I Prefer Divi Theme Over Avada:

    I’m working on a blog post with a detailed look into the top 10 themes, page builders and frameworks. And in addition to being flexible and being able to both create sites without coding, AND to add coding to the sites in easy ways. Divi is the third from the top in popularity of ALL WordPress themes. Studio Press and Genesis themes literally power 1% of the whole internet & 16% of all WP sites (partly because they have been around since 2008-9 and coders love it – not so easy for non-coders to love), next Woo commerce with 14% (due to ease of creating online stores), then is Divi with 4% of all WP sites – over 600,000 live websites next is Avada with 400,000+ then Enfold. Divi had a large dev community &several active Facebook pages – the Divi actually interacts with occasionally – lots of people to help. Divi itself has good tutorials, an option for a lifetime license if you decide you like it. It is not perfect. they are doing a lot of frequent updates, you need to be sure your web host has updated to PHP 7.0 (which any web host can walk you thru the how to in 5 minutes). you have to sometimes clear your browser cache after a theme update, and update theme before updating your WordPress and they have a 30 day money back guarantee.

  20. DIVI and handle leadgen on the site itself. In the past year my team migrated several large sites off of Avada cause it was slow/clunky, off custom-coded/CF cause things got out of hand with too many moving parts and onto Divi. In some cases for more complex layouts we used Visual Composer, which is the plugin of choice for most of the themes on ThemeForest. It does mean a bit more work up-front but you end up with a site that is built on matured technology and you hold the keys to the most important segment.


    I’ve used both DIVI and Avada and they both have their pros and cons. I feel that divi is a little user friendly from the start and there’s more customization without so much CSS with Divi WordPress Theme. I was about 75% of the way through a client’s site and was so frustrated with the mobile side of Avada and the little added spacing around everything that I was about to start fresh with Divi. I stuck with Avada but I honestly like my Divi sites better.  Learn more about divi Theme Hosting Requirements? and How To Increase divi Theme Page Speed.

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