Bluehost vs HostGator: Which One is Best For WordPress Website Hosting?


Bluehost vs HostGator: Which One is Best For WordPress Website Hosting? I have a dilemma of choosing between HostGator or Bluehost? I run a WordPress website with 20-25k monthly visitors? Can Any one help me in choosing between these two hosting companies.

Bluehost vs HostGator Which One is Best For WordPress Hosting

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    The answer is neither. Both have bad customer support and slow servers. Why the same company. BlueHost and HostGator are the same 😛 I’d rather go with A2Hosting or HawkHost. If you’re stuck due to price, look at A2Hosting. They’re infinitely better quality. BlueHost vs. HostGator isn’t much of a choice; they’re run by the same folks and both have bad track records.

    Again If you have to choose between the two, I’d go with BlueHost. If you have a third choice, with that many visitors, I’d look into something a little more capable. Checkout our answered question about Best Hosting Service for WordPress with Woocommerce?


    I’m going to assume that you are with a current hosting provider and you are switching to a new hosting provider because your site has become slow due to all the traffic. If this is the case, you need to consider going with a cloud hosting provider such as DigitalOcean. I’ve had clients on bluehost and hostgator and I can tell you that their services are horrible and definitely not geared towards high traffic sites. I’ve been using DigitalOcean for 2 years and I am on the $20/month plan which works great for me. I don’t have that many visitors a month but again, I have put clients on DigitalOcean after they outgrew their current “shared hosting” provider. Even if you are considering purchasing a VPS or Dedicated Server from either one of those providers, don’t…go with a cloud hosting solution. I had two dedicated servers in a co-location environment and ended up selling them both and moving to DigitalOcean two years ago and haven’t looked back since. The best $20/month definitely goes to this company.

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