Best WordPress Membership Plugin?


Anyone recommend a paid WordPress membership plugin? I’m searching for the best membership plugin. I would pay max 2-300 dollars. I want to upload videos (or link from Wistia or Vimeo). Manage membership levels, more than 1 course.
Payment system would be good if included or easy integration from other plugins.
What do you suggest?

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    I’ve been with MemberPress for 2 years. Easy to setup (like in 10 minutes if you know how to navigate your way around WordPress). Even if you don’t, the setup page is super-easy to understand.

    Works really well with other plugin. I never need to contact their Customer Service. Because I have zero problem using it.

  1. Best WordPress Membership Plugin

    I think it all depends on what you need. There are plenty of good options, but if they don’t have a feature you want then they’re not going to be good for your site.

    We use MemberPress for Member Site Academy and it does the job well for us. But for client sites we used whichever option was best for that particular sites needs.

    There isn’t a perfect option, but there are a number of good ones so I wouldn’t agree with saying they all suck at all.

    If you want flexibility, as you suggest, then Digital Access Pass is the way to go…login/log out buttons, editable registration forms, editable check out pages, add to cart button or buy now, change colors and even edit css to dashboard, very flexible if that’s what you are looking for…

    Member365 also rocks.

    MemberPress is very good, and solid code base. Updating the templates is a bit of a PIA, but you can do it well if you know what you’re doing, and it’s great that they live outside the core.

    I am a big fan of Memberium. Allows me to give conditional access, automate everything, integrates with most plugins, great support and can be used with a few automation softwares

    When people say “Hey guys, what’s the best membership plugin for my website?” – there really isn’t an answer to this without going through some discovery, and knowing all the requirements etc etc, and what the scale looks like to you. How about this ……. if you asked me “Hey Dave, what’s the best screwdriver in the world?”, I would totally hand you a Robertson screw driver. But what if you needed it for a Philips screw ? I’d still think my Robertson is the best! But it would be useless to you.

  2. I use Infusionsoft with AccessAlly (Membership Plugin), but again I am using Infusionsoft for all my automation, so I needed a solution that connected my Infusionsoft to my WordPress.


    I use s2Member and set up my site over 4 years ago. It might not be intuitive, but it is extremely flexible. But again, it fits MY needs. Each membership plugin/platform will suit some people and not others. At least s2Member has a free version so you can check it and set it all up without paying. Only if you want some advanced features, you can go Pro, and then, it is only a one-time fee, NOT a monthly/yearly payment.

  3. There’s plenty of good options, what’s best for you will depend on how much power and flexibility you need.

    Here are 5 Best WordPress Membership Plugins:

    • S2Member – The free version’s often enough for simple sites.
    • Restrict Content Pro – Excellent quality but limited if you want multiple levels.
    • MemberPress – A top notch plugin, if I had to recommend one blind, I think this would be it.
    • MemberMouse – Incredibly stable, powerful, and relatively easy to use. And if you want to include fancy course management, add WP Courseware or Free LIFTERLMS plugin. I’m a fan of MEMBERMOUSE.
    • Woocommerce Memberships – Versatile, powerful, and one of the easier ones to work with, though not cheap.
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  4. I 100% agree depends what you are wanting to use it for. I am building three different membership style sites and they are all going to have different plugins/solutions. MemberPress is easy to use but has it’s faults and they never seem to release updates… I tried out WooMemberships and it’s all kinds of awful and their helpdesk are appalling. Currently working with MemberMouse on a build and very impressed – but if your site is simple you probably don’t need the level of functionality they offer. At the moment I’m using woocommerce membership but not that happy with it really . When someone joins as a member I want new members to be pending at first , because I want to manually approve . Sounds weird I know but my client wants to keep total control on who joins

  5. What is “best” depends on what the requirements are, and doesn’t really have anything to do with theme. If you want additional plugin suggestions try this group, a Google search will bring up articles comparing the features of different membership plugins, or try this group.

    I have tried many membership plugins and they all work just fine. There are so many free and paid ones I suggest find the one that has the features you need (most cover all the basic) and try it. Nice thing about free plugins they cost you nothing to try them.

    MemberPress is great and it’s even better if you get it from No Hassle Websites as they provide you with a fully built membership site for US$99 which includes the cost of the plugin. It’s fantastic value and the support is excellent too.

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