Best WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugins?


Which form plugin do you use? Please let me know why. Are you loyal to a form plugin? If an easier to use form plugin were available and was either more affordable or the free version was better, would you consider switching? I have always used Gravity Forms, but am not loyal to it one bit.

What’s the Best WordPress Contact Form Builder Plugins?

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin
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    Gravity Forms vs. Forminator Forms

    I was looking at gravity form, forminator, and fluent forms and ended up with fluent forms.
    Easy to use, styling has options and can be set up in the backend (or more detailed via CSS).
    Stripe and PayPal are ready to go options for payments. I am happy and got a good lifetime deal. Their support responds within a day, that’s fine. 

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    WP Fluent Forms over on WPManageNinja. The most intuitive I have found (and I’ve tested most of them) at a price point that is more than acceptable. It’s all about price vs functionality. You make something comparible to WP Fluent Forms, and I’ll switch.


    +1 for WP Fluent Forms. I use Elementor for basic forms and ActiveCampaign signups, but Fluent Forms for multipart, conditional fields, and calculations. I actually just built a pricing estimator with Fluent Forms that’s simple and functional – and free. WP Fluent Form is a tremendous value.


    I use DIVI Theme & I find Contact Form 7 to much of a pain to use with Divi, especially trying to style it. Right now I use a combination of Caldera Forms (Main for support for Aspen Grove Studios Plugins that require forms) and Ninja Forms. However, Caldera Forms is beyond stupidly priced and brutally expensive for what you’re going to use of what you get. They don’t let your A La Cart the plugins/addons you are forced to buy brutal subscriptions with services you will never use.


    WP Fluent Forms Pro! Without question the easiest plugin for both a developer and designer to use IMO.

    They have an entire front end builder for form styles if you don’t want to roll your own CSS, along with access to the HTML form markup making insertions so much easier.

    It is a matter of personal preference for the most part. I’m partial to Fluent Forms if I need the kinds of features you’re naming. For lesser needs I use the free version of Fluent Forms or Elementor Pro‘s Form widget.

    Fluent Forms is well documented actions and filters are part of why I favor it. Sometimes the form tool just doesn’t quite do what you need no matter which one you choose so an API and filters and actions are important.


    Fluent Forms is my favourite. I use Gravity Forms at work and while its powerful it feels outdated and clunky. Fluent Forms is the one that worked best for me I kept trying random which sucked. Elementor Pro form widget or Quick Contact Form. QCF is better for formatting, but Elementor is integrated with the builder and so less processing overhead.


    I installed and tested three form plugins: WPForms, Caldera Forms, and ContactForm7. I prefer the WPForms, but it doesn’t have a file upload without buying the pro version.

    Caldera Forms is okay, but confusing on how to handle the file uploads. The files show up in the backend, but when I click on them they say not found…I don’t want them to automatically get uploaded to the media library. I want to check them first. I know there is another paid plugin that will do that (without changing code).

    ContactForm 7 is not as user friendly, but I have it working and added Flamingo to get a record of the contacts. However, file uploads are not downloadable from Flamingo and I am not receiving the email notification, so I have to check the settings on that.


    Contact Form 7 is simple, easily customizable, easy to set up emails, designing responsive forms, formatting the output message as required. One can do these with good knowledge of HTML, CSS. Try to use a child theme and write appropriate CSS for contact form design in child-theme’s style.css. We have used contact form successfully in our site

    Fluent Forms drag & drop online form builder makes it the most user-friendly form plugin for WordPress. It is a modern WordPress contact form plugin.


    For general WordPress then Fluent Forms gives you more out of the box for free than any of the others, and in my testing was the easiest to use from a usability point of view.

    If you happen to be using Elementor then either Dynamic or Piotnet are extensions to Elementor that allow you to create the same types of forms as Gravity and the rest, but while using the simplicity of Elementor to create them, right inside the Elementor pages (So no third party designer to have to learn)


    Best performing spam protection for contact forms 7

    I use the honeypot plugin using 2 fields with names that appear to be real (I believe that’s what the developer recommends). When that has stopped working occasionally I also add the Zero Spam plugin, but I haven’t checked the performance.
    A lot of people also miss that CF7 checks against keywords added to Settings -> Discussion -> Comment Blacklist. It’s a simple way to add a bit more protection when you’re getting hit with the same spam all the time. I’m interested to see other recommendations also.


    Forminator Review: A Premium WordPress Form Plugin

    I tried Forminator Forms just for fun and it was great. Easy Drag and drop builder. Easy style customization. Free integration with most of the mail marketing systems. Forminator Forms work with Zapier. And conditional logic feature for free. Abd a lot of amazing features for free. For now, it is so amazing for me. 


    Gravity Forms Review:

    I’m a fan of Gravity Forms, especially with all the addons, CRM integrations, and developer options. I personally have very good experiences with gravity forms. Another less expensive option could be to use advanced custom fields, more specifically the frontend form functionality, but then a bit of PHP coding is required. It could be a nice way to save the data in a database.

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    Caldera forms WordPress

    I would suggest Caldera Forms. They are super simple and very versatile. They have a ton of free features and it is basically a drag and drop form builder. You can have conditions in it, as well as hidden parts that show or hide based on values entered. You can make it pop out form on the same page or open a new page to fill out.
    We currently use this for our contact form along with our partner program for taking information to be reviewed for acceptance into our “wholesale” program. Previously we used Contact form 7 however we needed to know a bunch of coding. With Caldera Forms, you don’t need to know any.


    Quform – Premium WordPress Form Builder:

    Quform (CodeCanyon) is my go-to if the customer is happy to spend circa 30 bucks on it. Gravity seems like a faff or is expensive. Always hated CC7, I avoid that if at all possible. Ninja best of the freebies, but beware of paid add-ons for more than anything basic. There are some newer free contact forms plugins in the plugin directory that I haven’t tried, so you may get good mileage there. Do a google search for articles looking at form plugins and restrict it to the last month.


      Just bought QuForm because people here recommended it. Needed file upload to work and there are no yearly fees! Got it to work real quick, definitely, the easiest to use but unlikely the most advanced.


    The best contact form database to use with Elementor forms:

    I am using Elementor forms on the Elementor design. caldera is not working as a database for my form seems that contact form db7 is working grabs the Elementor forms data. If you’re still open to options, another one is Form Vibes


    Jotform if you want payment processing. Has a free tier with 10 payment transactions per month if you want to see how you like it first. I went down this road once cause I needed simple payment forms and found all the WordPress specific options (plugins) just horrible and overpriced, found much better options in the standalone software selection.

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