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  1. We recommend OceanWP for eCommerce websites. It’s super flexible for e-commerce and standard sites and super light weight. They have a free and paid version. Paid version comes with additional features. Well worth the money.

    The theme will handle the look and feel of elements like form fields, global fonts, colors, woo-commerce customization, custom CSS and JavaScript, etc.

    I use Astra for sites just to select a theme due to me creating my sites entirely in Elementor. Out of the Box it isn’t the prettiest theme. I understand that it is a fairly blank canvas to build on but I don’t always want to start from scratch, Especially if I am putting together an Ecommerce site. I am looking for a theme that is already styled Beautifully. Just for Ecommerce. Everything Else I will probably continue to build with Astra until Themes become a thing of the Past.

    Astra Pro has Custom Layouts feature and It’s one of the main reasons I like Astra. Use it heavily on every site I build. Typically 2-4 different headers and at least 2 footers. Great for swapping on special sections throughout the site like single blog posts and landing pages that require streamlined headers and footers.

    Astra is lightweight which will supercharge your website speed although web hosting play the main role for websites speed. See Best Web Hosting For WordPress Website


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