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  1. None of those two! GeneratePress or WPAstra are both great themes in combination with Elementor page builder.

    Avada WordPress Theme is frankly a bit of a mess and spits out a wall of code for no real sane reason.  There are a range of them that are good but Avada is not one of them.

    I used Avada for years. Found a massive stylesheet was loading for Revolution Slider, even though I’d disabled the slider (never used it). More importantly, I found that some other themes has a much better product>cart>checkout flow. For example, changing items in your cart was confusing to customers when using Avada. I have dropped the theme years ago. As a WooCommerce user, I feel you should put “store function” above everything else.

    Checkout GeneratePress

    Checkout WPAstra

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  2. I’ve been using Flatsome WordPress Theme as a base for a dozen websites, both WooCommerce and non-WC websites. I also do heavy customization in terms of template modifications and custom features that are not included in either. Flatsome is much faster, cleaner, and more flexible so I really see no reason to choose Avada over Flatsome.

  3. The GeneratePress Theme selling point for me is how logically everything is put together with very light code that conforms very well with WordPress core.
    That said, Tom Usborne at GeneratePress just added a major upgrade in how the theme works that I think makes it even easier to use, especially in maintaining consistency across your site.

  4. Avada isn’t too bad, comparatively. Avoid Visual Composer like the plague. Divi is still the least painful solution for non-programmers. I used Avada for several years and I feel that it is a little too bloated for use with a store. Additionally, I found that the product>cart>checkout flow was a little lacking. I’ve had customers tell me they “don’t know how to pay with a credit card” because Avada uses tiny radio buttons for payment type selection. They’ve called to ask me how to reduce the number of items in their cart or delete items. These basic functions should be crystal clear but they’re not. And remember, 19 out of 20 customers won’t even contact you; they’ll just go somewhere else.

    I’m really surprised how many are recommending Flatsome. As a plugin author, I end up providing support to my customers because of Flatsome far more often than Avada or Divi.
    From personal experience, Storefront is the cleanest e-commerce theme, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but I’d highly recommend it over others. Then learn to extend your child themes with custom templates or Gutenberg or ACF. That method is far more performant than big kitchen-sink themes.

    I’ve also been impressed with Astra, but I’ am now always using Astra for each site i make with WordPress.

  5. Flatsome vs Elementor:

    I have redesigned my site from Flatsome to Elementor (not finished) and I kinda love choosing Elementor. It’s pretty bloated but very userfriendly. Hearing good things about Oxygen and I’ll probably start making my site with Oxygen next year if Elementor doesn’t do anything about their code. I have come so far with my project I can’t just put it in the trash so I invested in a better host for the next 12 months to level the site speed.

    Visit Elementor

  6. I would expect the top theme to be optimized out of the box, especially when the use case is straight forward.
    And a popular theme must have a straight forward guide to be optimized… Not “know what you are doing”
    spending 50$ and then spending 200 worth of your time is not worth it

  7. I use the Astra theme with Thrive Architect. I don’t use any other page builder. I am extremely happy with how fast my page loads. My page is loading probably twice as fast as with my old theme and previous page builder.

  8. I’m an eCommerce user, not a developer, but I use Shopkeeper with WPBakery. I like the backend for page building, and classic for product page editing. I Hired a WordPress Developer To get the website done for me while i was learning and discovering WordPress.

  9. I am using Flatsome for 4 or 5 websites also. Same observation : it’s rather flexible theme where it’s easy to customize templates and functions. I like it really. UX composer is somewhat limited IMO when i comes to composing unique pages, so you will have to add another visual composer maybe or code some CSS/custom templates if you are comfortable doing so 🙂 But never had any serious issues with Flatsome

  10. I switched from Avada to Divi WordPress Theme a few years ago and now build exclusively in Divi…although if you don’t use the visual builder you won’t like Divi.

  11. Flatsome is fast, quality coded, very flexible in various use cases. Avada just got lucky long time ago and still rides on that popularity but it actually is just another bloated buggy WordPress Theme From ThemeForest.

    To Get Better WordPress Speed Use The Best WordPress WooCommerce Theme For Your WordPress Ecommerce Website

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