Avada vs Elementor which is better?


Avada vs Elementor which is better? I have a client considering Avada or Elementor. I’d like to provide him with some solid tactical rationale, preferably including an example or two of specific things that are better for the client’s future use as well as for the overall performance of the website.

In searching through past posts, I found a lot of comments related to choosing Elementor over Divi and over WPBakery, but I haven’t seen much vs. Avada.

Anyone switch to Elementor from Avada?

Has anyone used Avada and could give me some reasons why Elementor is better?

Is Avada compatible with Elementor?

Avada vs Elementor which is better?

Thank you so much!!

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  1. Avada? Don’t know about that. That’s one of the heaviest themes you can use on any site, let alone an Elementor site. I can understand people who don’t know any better, but I would say the majority of people in this group who do know better would not touch Avada with a 10-foot barge pool.

  2. Has anyone used Stockholm Theme with Elementor? A potential client reached out to me recently about changes on a site and it was Stockholm and visual composer. I’ve googled and it appears to be made for that builder but there are some nice details about the theme.

  3. I use Astra because it is a simple, solid theme to build on. I don’t want to recreate a whole theme in Elementor. I like the additional features & functionality included with Astra Pro. It’s also fast, lightweight, reliable, and has good support, so sticking with it. Elementors Hello theme is pretty good too. But I think you need elementor pro to fully benefit from it.
    I don’t know why. Basically Elementor is a tool to build a page and you can build your own “theme” from scratch beside used the theme layout. On the other hand, Elementor needs a theme to run, and my preference is a lightweight theme with no dependencies such as Hello Theme or Astra Theme.
    Don’t use Elementor Hello. Hello is a bare-bones minimum theme to make WordPress work. Of course, it’s faster than the Astra. I use Astra on some sites and Hello on others.
    When you switch over you’re going to have to do some work. Astra handles fonts and colors. Hello does not. You’re going to need to “theme” your site when you migrate. There will be some tweaks necessary.
    What I’d suggest is installing Astra, switch to it, and see what your site does. You can always switch back to the old template.

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  4. Avada not so much, Astra is fine as it provides some decent customize options. It really doesn’t matter too much. If you’re planning on using Elementor Theme Builder, use the Astra theme. Build your design based on your site needs rather than using less than half the features of a full-featured theme. avoid all bloatware of a theme for better performance.

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  5. Is Avada compatible with Elementor?

    I just went through a nightmare with trying to use Elementor on an Avada theme (pre-existing). Found out they don’t play well together, generally. If your client wants to switch later, it will be harder if he/she starts with Avada from my experience. Fusion Builder is nothing compared to Elementor. Definitely go with Elementor. Easier and more options.

  6. Avada is cheaper with a lot of great plugins, like ACF pro. It is one-time payment with regular updates, that enhance it a lot. Elementor pro is paid every year and soon u want to buy add-ons. My Avada sites are pretty fast, but I deactivate all elements I don’t need. Elementor is the next big thing. And it is fast to build with. But it is not slim. The DOM use is out if the order, but maybe the price for the comfort. Your customer should also look into a beaver builder with a nice theme. Still best.

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  7. Elementor is easier to do simple things and is also nice to work with special effects or more complicated styling/animation.

  8. I used Avada as the first theme I used on WordPress 3-4 years ago. I know it may have developed but there is no way you can do anything close to what is capable with elementor.

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