Avada Theme Review – Pros & Cons of Avada WordPress Theme?


Shopify to WooCommerce with Avada WordPress Theme.

Is there anyone who has moved from Shopify to WooCommerce with Avada?

Looking to understand the pros and cons of Avada WordPress Theme given we do dropshipping dealing with multiple suppliers across the globe shipping internationally, and possibly looking for someone who can help move everything over and set up the WooCommerce aspect for us.

We are considering it because everything we have is on WordPress whilst Shopify only deals with the store aspect.

We just worried WooCommerce cant provide the functionality available in Shopify.

Avada Theme Review - Pros and Cons of Avada WordPress Theme

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  1. I’m really surprised how many are recommending Avada. As a plugin author, I end up providing support to my customers because of Avada far more often than StoreFront or Divi.

    From personal experience, Storefront is the cleanest e-commerce theme, but it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but I’d highly recommend it over others. Then learn to extend your child themes with custom templates or Gutenberg or ACF. That method is far more performant than big kitchen-sink themes.

    I’ve also been impressed with WPAstra, but I’ve never built a site with it.

  2. You will surely need some pluging for woocommerce to get most of shopify functionality. First thing to consider what functions do you need and focus on those.

    I bought the Avada theme and never really liked it. Just found it…difficult. Anyway, speed is a critical SEO factor and I’ve heard Avada is slow too. Also I wouldn’t be tied to a theme because someone else decided to buy it. That’s one or two hours work equivalent. Factor that cost against your own productivity. Divi WordPress Theme has so many child themes and modules you can get now to speed development. I also have high hopes for a divi updates.

    Some free ones are OceanWP, Astra Theme, Hestia, and storefront (pretty sure this is made by WooCommerce). Hestia is built by themeisle and they have a youtube channel that explains their stuff. If you are willing to pay I’ve read that FlatSome is one of the best, but I am one that prefers not to buy themes, especially since there are millionnssssss of free ones, just need to look deeper. Hope this helps!

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