Astra WordPress Theme Review: Is Astra a Good Theme?


Astra WordPress Theme Review: Is Astra a Good Theme? Is WPAstra Pro WordPress Theme worth to buy? Thanks for your review.

Astra WordPress Theme Review Is Astra a Good Theme
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    Astra is an awesome theme. A lot of shiny objects come and go, but at the end of day it’s Astra. I believe that will be the case for years to come, and it is always my goto theme, even if I think I can do something better/faster in another theme — it will always end up back in Astra gladly.
    That being said, I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on either Pro Agency or Agency Pro lifetime. Pro annual is the right fit for me.
    The reason being there is not enough upside to the lifetime, even for Astra Pro Theme, which would take 4 years to break even at $59/annual. In that four years, new stuff will be baked into various tiers and packages, some on the Astra side, some on third party plugins like Crocoblocks (which I also have), and other popular plugin packs that have become standard for many folks. There will be unforeseen Woo modules, etc.
    Astra Pro Agency is a good example where, even over the past year, other plugin packs outshined the Astra extra offerings that made Agency so attractive when it first came out. You can now get quality premade sites from a variety of sources, for instance. Or, use design blocks to build. The options are exploding in the market place and will increase. A theme maker can’t possibly keep up, and I’d rather them not actually because it would likely come at the sacrifice of its core speed and rock-solid stability.
    What I love are all the under-the-hood features that make it so fast and solid. Megamenu is one of them. At first glance, Astra Mega-menu look too simplistic compared to Crocoblock version or others. But then you come to realize the Astra team, rather than bloat the code, allows only very simple options in the Astra megamenu, and once you find the right option (templates), all of the sophistication of any mega Menu you can dream up becomes possible through that one little feature alone. I think a lot of people don’t know about these hidden gems in Astra, so the sense is that it’s an overly simplistic theme. But that is built-in on purpose. Another one is all the hooks and conditionals you can set natively, found only in the Astra Custom Layouts area.

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    Best answer

    Long-time AstraWP user here. I used it as the Astra theme performance is very good. All my pages were built using Elementor so the theme features were not a requirement. The performance of the theme is good and very impressive. Currently using a theme our company built and the website loads in under 1-2 seconds. OceanWP free is more feature-rich and more powerful than WPAstra free.
    I have over 7 years in web development and when I take everything into account that I really need in a theme, WordPress Astra is head and shoulders above the rest. It’s fast, fully-featured, without being bloated, and easy to use. The developers are a talented and committed bunch who could not be more supportive, communicative, and helpful to their customers if they tried. If you are trying to decide on a theme, go for WordPress theme Astra, you will not regret it and it’s worth every cent or penny you pay for it.

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    Best Page Builder for Astra:

    Used Astra and  Elementor (and really loved it), but recently switched to Astra and Beaver Builder with Beaver Themer. This is a GREAT combination, and you can make almost anything! Astra is the best theme I have ever tried and I have tried a lot. Beaver Themer has been great for our custom layouts. Using it on the redevelopment of our brokerage website that will replace the existing one in a couple of weeks.
    If performance is your concern then do not choose the current version of Elementor. I’ve bench-marked the popular page builders and Elementor is the slowest of them all.

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    Astra vs Divi:

    Never used Divi…just tested once & realized it’s awful performance-wise & leave shortcodes…making a switch tedious. Astra on the other hand is a performance-based versatile theme & developed to perfection so it easily blends with highly recommended Page Builders like Beaver Builder. I would always recommend Astra over Divi in themes I do have a soft corner for GeneratePress & OceanWP too.

    Divi vs Astra: Which Is The Better WordPress Theme?

    Divi is a mess. It’s slow and clunky as a builder. Everything is shortcode messy if you ever need to migrate anything. It conflicts w things and is in general just a pain in the butt. I used to work with a company doing marketing and design that had a big site in Divi. Their web guy swears by it but I hated it from the start. Then I worked at an agency that always started their clients out on a certain theme but every once in a while we’d get a client who had Divi. It was always so much slower to build stuff and felt archaic. I hear Divi 3 is better but unless they totally recoded it and took out all the shortcode functionality I’d skip it. Lots of respect for Divi. I consider them a bit of a pioneer in the space but their time has gone. Astra is amazing for our workflow.

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    Divi Lifetime and Elementor Pro:

    I use both Divi Lifetime & Elementor Pro. I use Divi for a lot of Turnkey projects which it’s great for and for building sites really quickly for Small business. I’ve never had issues with shortcodes or bloated code as my clients don’t care about these things, they just want a website built for their business or eCom store and are very unlikely to want to change themes for any reason and most don’t know what “Theme” is!. SO if you’re just building a site for yourself and want to chop n change themes go with Astra+Elementor, if your building sites for customers and for Profit go with Lifetime Divi and keep your costs down as you will need fewer plugins to get a decent end result for your client.

    Astra starter sites:

    Astra sites are great if they just had more elementor layouts. I hope this will grow in time. The Only feature missing from elementor right now for me is whitelabel, with this I would 100% switch all work. With that said I may pick up the Astra Agency yearly deal or just go all out with the life as I still use elementor pro on some projects.


    Why Astra is the best WordPress theme for Elementor page builder

    1. Elementor Compatibility: Astra works out of the box with Elementor – I’ve found I’m liking it more than Beaver Builder at the moment (I’m heavily invested in both though)
    2. Clean Code: The code is super clean and organized with Astra, Elementor, and even Beaver Builder.
    3. Great Speed. Astra plus a solid hosting company you can get great speeds (if you are set on using a page builder). As long as you optimize images and such.
    4. Elementor Pro Support: Elementor Pro comes with extras you may want, you’ll have to compare the two versions and decide. I’m not sure I can help answer this question
    5. WooCommerce Integration: If you are using WooCommerce – it will play well with both Astra and Elementor. You’ll have a lot of different options – custom product layouts, all kinds of fun stuff.

    I purchased the Astra Pro Agency awhile back… SUPER happy with everything and will continue using Astra plus Elementor Combo.
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    I still use the Astra WordPress theme by WPAstra – I have a lifetime deal. I like some of the styling options with Astra and set Elementor to inherit things like fonts & sizes from the theme – at the end of the day, it’s a lot of personal preference and the fact that I’ve already developed my workflow for building a site using Astra. One thing I will say is that Astra’s pro support is far and beyond the ‘premium’ support provided by Elementor and that’s worth a lot in my book.

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    I just finished a shop with WordPress and Astra  WP Theme which also has a store using WooCommerce. The page builder is Beaver Builder and has to do another one. I used one of the Astra Theme Demo to make the task easier. I prefer Beaver Builder because I had seen that Elementor slows down the site. Astra Theme Agency Bundle (Includes Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder) with Beaver Builder Pro works like a charm.

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    What is Astra?
    Astra WP is a lightweight & customizable next generation WordPress theme. One thing to keep in mind is that 90-100% of traffic is on mobile devices. Astra Pro and many other premium themes are highly customizable. It is a cost-effective way.
    A theme doesn’t have to limit you. It will really depend on what your goals are. If you’re going to work with WordPress you have to have a theme. Whether it is custom developed, or whether it’s free to download, you have to have one. A designed may be able to hear out your vision for the site and be able to create custom templates that will support your words just how you imagine, however you can still wind up just as limited by a set number of templates.
    If you’re looking to use WordPress and you’d like to be able to layout your different posts in different ways so your words become the art you plan them to be, then you may want to look at using a premium page builder so you can customize the design very precisely, without using code. Astra works very well with two-page builders I recommend, Beaver Builder and Astra. They also allow you to customize the responsive view of each page so you can control how your words will look on mobile devices in addition to desktop views.

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    Astra custom layouts:

    Astra comes with Custom Layouts, a worthy replacement for headers, footers, custom 404 pages. It is my choice, I don’t use other themes. However, some themes go even further. I found Astra added another level of simplicity that I needed much so we just use it for quick sites where there’s nothing custom.


    Astra is more flexible, simple than any other WordPress Themes. If you really how to operate it well. Astra Pro has a ton of features, and they can all be turned on or off as needed. Still getting my feet wet with it as I’m switching my site from the Themeco X Pro theme to Astra Theme, and so far it’s a winner.

    Astra vs X Theme:

    I hate X theme, but really do like Pro’s header builder. Just don’t like the Cornerstone editor, and Pro forces it on you. I have my pages rebuilt in Elementor Pro, but still loads cornerstone in the background even though I don’t need it. Since pages are in Elementor, it’s a pretty easy migration to Astra. I just need to rebuild the header and footer pretty much.


    Astra pro vs Astra Agency:

    I think Astra Pro will be sufficient for most people. That’s the one I’m considering. I think the Agency version makes sense if you have a need for the included plugins. The new schema plugin is simply amazing. Also, the premium sites are nice if you are making websites for people.
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    Elementor Pro vs. Beaver Builder for Astra Theme:

    As for Elementor Pro vs. Beaver Builder. Elementor Pro has more widgets and a deeper level of customization available (so less custom CSS is needed). Beaver Builder is slightly cheaper but to get a comparable number of widgets you’d need to purchase an addon pack like Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder. I think the latter is a great addon, but I still personally prefer the widgets in Elementor. However, right now Elementor works best as a page builder. There are plugins and theme hooks you can use to design your header and footer in Elementor, but none of the solutions are ideal… yet. This is where Beaver Themer shines. With Beaver Themer and the PODS plugin, you have the most control over the design of your site. Adam has some great tutorials on Youtube that explains how to use Themer and PODS. As much as I love and in some ways prefer Elementor, I’ve actually moved back to Beaver Builder because of Beaver Themer.

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    Astra Agency Bundle Review:

    I like the way Astra works with Elementor, you won’t find all the design freedom and functionality with BB, which is much more restricted in my opinion. Elementor Pro has a lot more to offer and will have extra functionality you won’t find in the free Elementor. Astra works great with woo commerce and as soon as Elementor releases its woocommerce builder you have a golden combination. Schema Pro is definitely an added value! In our agency, we build most client sites with Astra Pro and Elementor Pro. They work great together. Astra is great for WooCommerce. Astra is very well coded and loads fast. It is one of the most lightweight WP themes available. We own the Agency Lifetime License and made the money back on the first project.

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    I switched from Avada to Astra Elementor. I did it down and dirty; changed the theme and went through page by page removing Avada shortcode. It is a pain in the ass if have a lot of bells and whistles and or custom layouts. But I don’t regret it at all. Getting away from Avada is the best thing you can do. If you really want to be a stickler you could clone your current website and then push it from the dev to live.

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    Best Elementor Addon?

    I am kinda new to the whole WordPress world. I have looked at tons of WordPress visual builders and have decided to go with elementor. My question is what is the add on / extras I should consider buying? A lot of people recommend Avada themes. I have seen Astra, Essential Add-ons, ultimate add-ons mentioned. I guess if you were starting out and want to purchase/ download the add on/ tools you need what would that be.

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