Astra vs OceanWP WordPress Themes: Which Is Best?


Hi! OceanWP vs. Astra? I can’t decide which one to choose and both have excellent reviews and are popular. Are there any major differences or does it really matter which one I choose as theme for my WordPress Website?

When talking about Astra theme vs OceanWP, usually they say they are about the same – speed etc. Although I’ve noticed a couple of big differences there.

1. The amount of demos for an online store. Does Astra have much less amount of demos for an online store than OceanWP? I can only see “Brandstore” demo suitable for an online store. Is this true or am I missing something? Can I compensate that by using Elementor Pro in Astra’s Brandstore?
2. With Pro version, Astra’s license is for unlimited sites, OceanWP – 1 site.

Can anyone elaborate on that? Thanks a lot for your opinions!

Astra vs OceanWP WordPress Themes Which Is Best

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  1. On quick sites, I use Astra Pro for headers, footers, menus, typography defaults, and custom headers. I use Elementor Pro for custom page templates where I want more or different from what WordPress + CSS can do. I also use Elementor Pro for custom one-off pages that need better widgets than are available for Gutenberg. I also sometimes use Elementor Pro global in Gutenberg pages.

    I use the theme’s capabilities as much as makes sense as it lowers complexity and future maintenance, keeps some SEO things simpler (micro schema, etc.) and may be faster. And I’m lazy so I don’t want to build custom headers, nav and footers every time. I do it when the site / objectives call for it and otherwise let the theme do more of the work.

    I seem to build more custom footers than headers fwiw. I do use standard, theme provided header widget area to sometimes show an Elementor template with, for example, buttons that trigger popups for subscribe, donate,etc.

    I got used to OceanWP and Elementor Pro – I recently turned to hello and found that for a basic website, it’s great! But when it comes to WooCommerce, there’s just some things that take styling from the theme which you cannot adjust/change in Elementor.

    EG the cart page layout and look. I use some woocom shortcodes that look nothing like a button.

    Whilst I can spend a lot of time CSSing it to get it to look ok, I find it easier to just let a theme give it a look.

    I may well look at other themes to see what they’re styles are like.

  2. I’m definitely a newbie when it comes to WordPress and Elementor. But I’m just finishing my journey of site speed optimization, getting my site from a 7-9 sec page load down to soon to be 1.6-1.9 (hopefully) . Part of that journey was testing Astra (free) against Hello for speed. I was using a staging site. Disable all plugins and used an Elementor Canvas blank page. Then switched themes back and forth between hello and Astra, and run countless page tests on GTmetrix. There was zero speed difference. And only one or two tiny pieces of JS and css added for Astra.

    I originally picked Astra over Hello because then I first research the toss up was Hello is bare bones, Astra has good integrations options. I have built my site using 100% elementor with elementor headers and footers, and didn’t use any Astra features at all. I always wondered if Hello would be a better option. When I found out the results of no page speed increase. Not be code savvy and wanting to be able to concentrate on the business I decided to keep Astra, in case of any future need for integrations.

  3. Astra, OceanWP and GeneratePress come with lots of theme customization options in Customizer, easy ways to load demo sites, and various other options and goodies that make life easier. If you don’t plan to write all your own CSS for global typography, don’t have a need for managing global layouts, etc., then Hello is fantastic for light barebones code. But if you like being able to easily set layout size, sidebar settings, and the sorts of things often found in Customizer, then Hello is not a good choice (unless you code all that yourself).

    I’m using Astra – there is no need for the Astra PRO version because the only purpose of the theme is to load the plugin. Everything is done in Elementor now so I want something as lightweight as possible.

  4. I personally use both of the themes and I would say that both are outstanding themes. Both are top quality, both have a free version. My suggestion is to try one and see if it fits your needs. If you want to create a simple website and looking for easy to use options then go for Astra. If you are going to create a complex website and looking to get a granular control with all kinds of customizable options then go for OceanWP.
    Remember that the free versions of these and most of the themes on the WordPress repository have very limited things available. They want you to buy the pro version before you can do much of anything. This is what I have found. So, like typography, you don’t get much unless you upgrade. I found this to be true of Astra, ocean, zakra and some others I can’t remember. it’s a PITA to spend 80 hours on a theme to find out it just won’t work. Most people don’t have that kind of time and the ones that do, are totally frustrated by the end.

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